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Fri, 20 Apr 2018

My Controversial Social Networking Experiment To Enlighten Humanity

If everyone becomes Enlightened, the human race will look very different and we might save the planet. My word for the power that will Enlighten and unite us all is "Enlightenment Transmission". Read All
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Tue, 03 Apr 2018

Dreaming into Reality: from the Prison of the False Self to the Infinite Light of the True Self

In the inner world you are free to be incredibly happy, find pots of gold, fly to meet with anyone anywhere and instantly have great success. The Enlightenment Transmission enables ordinary consciousness to ... Read All
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Mon, 02 Apr 2018

The Disillusionist (What Is a Spiritual Teacher?)

Author Jasun Horsley describes how meeting Dave Oshana changed his idea about spiritual teachers and Enlightenment. Read All

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