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Sun, 19 Mar 2017

The Gift: An Unimaginably Powerful Experience – The Online Silent Enlightenment Transmission Meditation

The experiencer was amazed, grateful and overwhelmed by The Gift, having discovered that this was the most powerful experience of Enlightenment Transmission that they had ever had even though they are a vete... Read All
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Thu, 16 Mar 2017

The Spiritual Ground Zero Retreat: The Renaissance of Human Consciousness

The oldest ways coming back, the purest and clearest methods of transmitting Consciousness. The Enlightenment Transmission has proven itself effective every time in 17 years of non-stop activity. Read All
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Tue, 14 Mar 2017

The Divine Alchemical Marriage That You Must Make: Consciousness, Enlightenment Transmission and Your Soul

The only pure relationship of true love, admiration and respect that exists – and you want it more as each second passes because you have a date with destiny, your infinite moment in eternity. Consciousness,... Read All

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Two excerpts from: Signs, Symptoms and Wonders of the Enlightening Enlightenment Transmission.

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