About DaveOshana.Com

Enlightenment in this lifetime is possible, why not start right now?

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is a real, personal and comprehensive spiritual teaching that allows you to explore the full meaning of life, love, relationships, sexual energy and the energy body. The primary active ingredient is the Enlightenment Transmission, an energetic experience that promotes spiritual awareness and freedom in an effortless, miraculous way.

After a lifetime of seeking Enlightenment I unexpectedly became Enlightened on 19th June 2000. I discovered that  much of the spiritual advice that I had received was either incorrect or misunderstood. Consequently, I help seekers find their own path to Enlightenment by sharing my own state of awareness and an intelligent energy field that I call the Enlightenment Transmission. The results have been impressive but you can decide for yourself by experiencing the Enlightenment Transmission by meeting me in person or online.

The simplest way to find out if the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is for you is to watch some videos on the ‘Dave Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching’ YouTube channel. I also recommend a listening to carefully selected audio excerpts on a variety of themes taken from my Live Online Enlightenment Transmission Classes. These videos and audios will help you gain self-understanding, spiritual development and Enlightenment.

You can experience the powerful, positive, inspiring and transformational effects of the Enlightenment Transmission via the many spiritual teaching resources on DaveOshana.com including Enlightenment Transmission Teaching  online classes.

DaveOshana.com will support your spiritual journey towards Enlightenment in this lifetime. Enlightenment is the direct experience of knowing your original self. Other words for Enlightenment are Self-Realization, Liberation, Unity Consciousness, God Consciousness and Great Awakening.

DaveOshana.com will connect you to the Enlightenment Transmission, the energy which makes Enlightenment and full Self-Awareness possible.

Audio recordings of Dave Oshana's classes give spiritual guidance and the experience of the Enlightenment Transmission. You can attend live online classes, broadcast over the internet, on DaveOshana.com. You can also book replays of any online classes which take your fancy.