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Dave O.
Tue, 13 Jun 2017

Freedom from Illusion: Zero Point Jumping

[This article has been written for the 18th June Online Eve of Enlightenment Transmission Intensive ‘The Moment that the World was Extinguished, Fun and Frolics at the Zero Point of Existence’]

Is reality actually real or an illusion? It’s an eternal question that the mainstream have not solved. Yet from such seemingly impractical contemplations, theoretical physicists paved the way for unimaginable technologies that could destroy the planet: the nuclear energy.

Fortunately, we are not technologists but spiritual seekers. The same contemplation can result in the destruction of a world - the world of illusion that is projected from within a person onto their eyeballs. This illusory world, like the physical world, is comprised of waves.

Every wave has a Zero Point where it is inactive, the mid-point between the maximal positive and negative amplitudes. It is at the Zero Point that the wave appears not to exist.

There is always a way through


The spiritual seeker seeks Reality. However, their senses are filled with illusions. Yet, billions of times per second, apparent reality goes out of existence before coming back. By going through any of these gaps in apparent reality the spiritual seeker can find freedom from illusion. However, they cannot see the gaps because their senses are calibrated to see apparent reality only and not the spaces in between.

The Enlightenment Transmission Teaching prepares you to see the gaps, the holes in reality, so that when you feel ready you can jump through to a new, unimaginable Existence.

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