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Dave O.
Tue, 20 Jun 2017

True Spiritual Stories: The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness

Is the title a joke? ‘The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness’‘The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness’‘The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness’Yes, of course it is, and on many levels, so that everyone can feel that are in on it. Those who do not understand the deepest meaning will nonetheless benefit as they slide guffawing into a snake pit of spiritual autolysis where their cherished beliefs will eat each other until there is nothing left, not even bones and teeth. Those who understand, will possess The Whole. The Identity has to eat itself until nothing remains if the Soul is to be freed from the prison of perpetual imagination.

The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness description was introduced into the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission conceptual meme pool during the 18th June Online Intensive which is available for replay upon request so I do not intend to spend much time talking about instead I will serve it up in a variety of creative ways. Fortunately, Nothingness is very versatile otherwise intellectual spiritual types would get bored and refuse to take their medicine. The intellect craves stimulation but the cure is to give it nothing. The trick though is to give it Nothingness without it noticing otherwise it will claim intellectual property rights. Another trick is to create an ungraspable teaching, even though pundits will pop up offering purports for pounds sterling. The best trick though is to liberally sprinkle attractive conceptual bombs everywhere so that a famous mainstream spiritual teacher will unwittingly acquire some and drop them on their docile audiences and create a Pussy Riot of spiritual anarchy. That has not happened yet.

Spirituality does not need conceptual organisation but disintegration.


The Cutting End of the Ego's Thin Wedge

I will be serving ‘The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness’ during the Online Call on 25th June with tasty toppings because what the heavy-laden mind needs is not more but less.