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Dave O.
Mon, 26 Jun 2017

Choosing Life In All Its Fullness

[This article was written for the online event: ‘The Recovery of Self and Vision’.]

Today is the 7th Day after Enlightenment Day, June 19th.

Yesterday was the penultimate Live Online  Enlightenment Transmission Video Call for the summer season.  [The ultimate Call is ]

The Call was visibly moving and emotional for many of the participants. The Call’s title ‘The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness’ and description had been deliberately designed to reveal as little as possible in advance about the Call’s actual content.

The Call in fact was a continuation of the Retreat Cycle which in the closing stages moves into the Vision Recovery phase. Everyone has an original vision that guides their life but many have lost it. Within every individual, society has placed disempowering programs. Removing those social conditioning programs and recovering The Original Vision is a tense struggle, fraught with difficulty and deeply emotional. A person is literally fighting for their life. A life that they have lost and struggling to regain despite all of the voices that avow it is not possible and that they should give up and become a compliant sheep.

I have observed this brutal struggle close-up for 17 years. It is literally like willing baby to take a breath after a seemingly endless pause. But in this case the individual knows that they are simply trying to exist as a free, aware, sentient being who feels their personal connection with the Divine. This battle happens within every part of a person’s being. Every cell has to be claimed back, time and time again, until the individual owns their self and is free from the whims of external controlling forces. It is not possible to relate without control over your own self because you are not free to choose with whom, what and how you will relate. You are effectively lost to your Self and Existence until you recover all of yourself.

In our group we have participants who bring a variety of deep abiding interests, including:   fragmentation, integration, self-expression, meaningfulness and a desire to capture their Original Vision. They express this in a variety of natural ways that are informative for everyone. Those ways include the intellect but ultimately their journey cannot be described but can only be felt. In some cases the sensations are so strong that they can perceived as both subtle and dramatic uncontrolled physical movements.

So what are we? Currently we are a group wherein each individual is on a personal journey to recover their Original Self. I see it that everyone is taking a tiny boat out into a huge, stormy ocean. Whereas I cannot prevent the sting of the icy rains, I can help prepare each individual by explaining why and how this is happening and the absolute gift that awaits.