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Dave O.
Mon, 26 Jun 2017

Recovering Your Self In Every Cell of Your Being

[This article was written for the online event: ‘The Recovery of Self and Vision’.]

I’ll resist the natural temptation to sugar coat the bitter pill and will tell you straight that this process will hurt, not just a little or briefly but fully unveil an agonising pain that has cut through every layer of your being, all the way to your soul. I am referring to something that has already caused a rupture, the divorce of your being, the abortion of your soul and the last time you ever had communion with your True Self.

Since that day wherein you lost your True Self, you have been wandering lost, in a fugue state, grasping at shapes in a bewildering morass of sensations in an attempt to find a pattern that makes sense. A myriad of patterns slip through your fingers but nothing makes absolute sense because you have lost the only valid reference point, your True Self. Instead life is interpreted and interrupted by an endless stream of erroneous, failing and incomplete theories. Where you want Truth, society instead serves falsehood. You cannot rest until your quest is complete.

This is going to hurt. Recovery always does. But there is no other way to breakthrough the wall that separates you from Real Awakened Life. Let’s walk the road to Self-recovery together.