A Secret Love Affair with Enlightenment Transmission

Wed, 30 Aug 2017
By Dave O.

I suffer from a kind of amnesia. Unbelievable but true I manage to forget the full and wonderful effects of the Summer Island Enlightenment Transmission Retreat until I arrive on the Retreat and start experiencing the unsurpassed wonders of the Enlightenment Transmission all over again.

How can I forget something so wonderful? It’s because the Enlightenment Transmission on a Retreat is unparalleled – there is nothing like it in the world, it is simply the best, better than all the rest. There is nothing in life that can remind me of its full wonders. Even though my weekly events are superlative, there is nothing like an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat!

You might think that something this good should not have to be promoted, but an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is a secret affair that relatively few have heard about and even less have experienced. In spiritual terms it is where the G-Spot was a few decades ago – relatively unknown, unbelieved but much hoped for.

 oshana energy-work


I sometimes imagine that in a few centuries everyone and their family will go on an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat several times per year and that humanity will become a happy, enlightened race. But for now that is just a dream, as an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is – until you experience it.

I am here to make the Enlightenment Transmission real for you because Enlightenment Transmission is reality in all of its glory. If you would like to undress Existence then get in touch and let’s find a way to make it happen. And if you can make the Summer Affair with Enlightenment Transmission then start preparing for the sheer exhilaration and exuberance of it all. A world of wonder awaits you that is above and beyond your best everyday experiences.

My confession to you is that every Summer I have a secret spiritual love affair - with Enlightenment Transmission. I highly recommend it – your life will never ever be the same.

The next Summer Island Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is 2nd-9th August 2018. Be there!

Contact me for the Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat to pre-register now for free.