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Dave O.
Fri, 29 Sep 2017

Alert USA: Unusual Weather Predicted in 21 days

The above header is from an original photograph from the July 2016 Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat and has not been altered in any way except sliced to fit the space above. The full photograph is stunning as it shows two dragons in the sky at sunset. The sun is not shown in this slice but is visible in the original. These phenomena are typical of Enlightenment Transmission events and have rarely been revealed.

Dear Enlightenment USA!

 Not all of us live in Florida but every one of us lives with inside of our own self. And it’s within ourselves that we experience rain, sunshine, storms, meteor showers and much more.

The “unusual weather”, the subject of this article, is a reference to the experiential phenomena of the Enlightenment Transmission. In my last Introduction in Portland, Maine, I suddenly started to see and hear snow falling inside the lecture building during the Q&A session. Others in the audience had the same experience to. And there are many more experiences that are quite classical as well as unique around the Enlightenment Transmission. The more obvious ones involve seeing different kinds of lights and feeling waves of energy. But there are also very subtle experiences of being transported to different realms of experience that are impossible for the uninitiated to describe – this is why people generally cannot talk directly about the Enlightenment Transmission experience.

However if you live in America then you are extremely fortunate that the Enlightenment Transmission experience will be available on your continent to you. On October 19 you and everyone you care for will be able to experience the Enlightenment Transmission in a free meeting in Portland, Maine. And if unfortunately you cannot make this event then I hope to bring the Enlightenment Transmission to you on future occasions because it really is miraculous and unexpected.

Whatever your situation I hope that you can join with others in sharing the good news about the Enlightenment Transmission by telling your friends and enlisting the help of networking/communicative friends and colleagues to spread the word. Who knows I may be bringing the Enlightenment Transmission to a neighbourhood near you in the near future.

This is the current schedule of the only Enlightenment Transmission events in USA:

October 19th Thursday
Portland, Maine, USA
FREE Public Introduction

‘Experience Enlightenment Transmission: Enjoy Love, Life, Laughter and Full Connection (Portland)’

October 21st-27th Saturday-Saturday
MidCoast Maine, USA
1-7 Days Enlightenment Transmission and Energy-Work Intensive

October 21st-22nd ‘Surprising Self-Discoveries: The Integration of Mind and Body for Enlightenment (Maine)’

October 22nd-23rd ‘Experiencing the Circular Energies of Consciousness, Matter and Existence for Enlightenment (Maine)’

October 24th-27th ‘A Fully Committed Life of Infinite Possibilities (Maine)’

Scholarships granted in case of financial hardship. Applications should be made soon. Spaces are limited.

If you know a charitable organization who could benefit from Enlightenment Transmission then feel free to let me know about it. I am ready to share Enlightenment Transmission anywhere.

Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
Dave Oshana

DaveOshana.com 2017 USA Events list