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Dave O.
Fri, 29 Sep 2017

Asked and Answered: The Ecstatic Joys and Frustrations of Questioning

Do unanswered questions have a place to go die? When I was a tongue-tied teenage spiritual seeker I chased after questions like a rabid dog in search of its docked tail. I eventually got better at asking but it was not until I learned the true art of questioning that I was able to turn a perpetual state of constant confusion and frustration into something having a semblance of resolution. I never really arrived at utter contentment until I got Enlightened. My problem was that my questions and their answers were only asked and answered within the realm of the mind which is not the place to go to get your satisfaction. Trust me on that one and it will save you decades of fruitless seeking activity!

Seek now, find now - no wait time

As an Enlightened person I am much less tongue-tied because I no longer follow spiritual systems and their convoluted ideas and prescribed behaviours. Instead I experience a constant source of satisfaction because of my Enlightenment Transmission relationship. Ideas were never ever supposed to be substitutes for real experiences.

However I still strive to answer questions. Given that I now know Enlightenment I aim to give full and complete answers based upon my experience and not spiritual readings (the book kind). At the moment the question that keeps coming back to me is one that was asked many years ago. It was “why do you do this?” It’s always a bit of a guessing game to try to figure out what someone is really asking rather than seemingly asking. Sometimes a question arouses something entirely different from that which the questioner meant. Some questions come from frustration because the majority of spiritual seekers have been misguided by so-called spiritual teachers.

I expect that many jaded spiritual seekers are now cynical about spiritual teachers. I eventually was! Fortunately I seem to rarely meet such seekers or maybe I unknowingly meet them and somehow satisfy their requirements and un-jade them. It’s not easy being an authentic spiritual teacher in today’s world because there are so many misguided expectations about what is required to become Enlightened, and by that I simply mean: to know yourself and live it.

When I ask myself now, or rather the question asks itself, “why do you do what you do?” my answer is really encapsulated within my life – which may seem a circular answer. My lifestyle is one of relentless non-stop service to others. I do not take normal holidays and I frequently get less than 6 hours sleep per night. I’m not recommending this lifestyle at all. I highly recommend rest and relaxation, they are important resources – – for others. Given the choice I would take them for myself but my pleasures are, to quote one of history’s most famous spiritual martyrs  “not of this world”. My pleasure is to serve, not just any dish but Enlightenment Transmission. May I ask “how would Sir or Madam like their Enlightenment Transmission served”?

I aim to explore these themes in my live online class ‘what we do for love’. I invite you to listen to it live or catch a replay. It is the final class in the current season series. There will be no further live online classes until I return from USA in November.