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Dave O.
Mon, 13 Nov 2017

Born, Become & Remain Enlightened with Enlightenment Transmission and Oshana Energy-Work Method before it is too late

A life of total satisfaction is the ideal that we all strive towards but are frustrated not by life itself but by overt and covert social programming

Our heroic attempts to live a life of total satisfaction are deliberately frustrated by societal design. Social engineering which uses external forces to shape humanity is virtually impossible to control or completely avoid. Social conditioning which requires access to your inner world is easier to dismantle but only whilst you still have control over your mind and body. That kind of self-control is being rapidly eroded as people become less embodied and disconnected from nature. Pollutants: chemical, biological, electromagnetic and pharmaceutical all contribute to that breakdown of self-control.

The only part of a person which remains untouched is their pure soul, which can also be described as Consciousness or deep awareness. However a soul without a fully working mind, heart and body is effectively handicapped for life.

The Oshana Energy-Work Method aims to bring your soul fully into your body and thereby expunge social conditioning, neuroses and trauma. You will discover that social conditioning is always unhealthy and anathema to your life force energy and purpose. Within you is an innate intelligence that is perfectly calibrated to the continuously changing configurations of existence.

Let's support access to the Enlightenment Transmission.

When your soul has fully entered into every cell of your body than your spirit is able to correctly act within the world and receive the energies of existence. This could be considered a simple definition of Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is not some numb, dumb or transcendental state as asserted by religious and so-called spiritual sources. Nor is Enlightenment something that we are supposed to strive for over many lifetimes by starting out as a lowly worm. Instead Enlightenment was the birthright that was taken away from you by social conditioning at a very young age. You were born Enlightened and could have remained Enlightened if it were not for social conditioning. If you had remained Enlightened then you would have learned to use your body and mind in exceptional ways.

The best you can do now is try to become Enlightened as soon as possible. You will never be able to recover the missing time. Hopefully future generations will be born Enlightened and remain Enlightened – however at this time given the state of social programming this is highly unlikely. The Enlightenment Transmission is the only hope for future generations to be born and remain Enlightened.

To become Enlightened you need to circulate the energies that flow inside your body in a way that is unobstructed or filtered, live from your soul instead of from your false identity (confusingly called “Ego”) and allow your spirit to pervade every single cell in your body.

Achieving circular flow of life force energies is supported by Oshana Energy-Work Method practice and the Enlightenment Transmission.

Fulfilling your life purpose will require making decisions based on internal wisdom and intuition and avoiding the addiction to your mind’s bad choices. At first this will seem like a sacrifice but eventually you will recognise that it is a joy and you will never again choose any other way of living. To serve the Enlightenment Transmission is to serve your Self.

Enlightenment Transmission is the energy field produced by the union of your soul and body. Enlightenment Transmission is in fact your spirit.

I will explain these concepts and how to achieve them during my online video event entitled ‘Soul Fulfilment and Life-Force Energy Circulation’. I recommend that you attend the live event but if necessary a replay maybe possible to arrange for you.