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Dave O.
Tue, 28 Nov 2017

Living The Life That You Were Supposed To Live

Do you feel like you are living your life? Or do you feel that you are living someone else’s life? Do you sometimes make resolutions to start living your life but somehow lose your way? What’s wrong with you? What’s stopping you?

It’s probably no consolation to hear that others also have the same problem. In fact the whole human race is lost.  It’s not improving, it’s worsening. People are being weighed down by a system which lives off of the rights and freedoms that they have given up.

The biggest freedom that has been given up is the ability to access your own body and mind. Once that freedom has been given up everything else is lost because it is not possible to live in awareness in that state of disconnection.

The solution is to take back control and access to the mind and the body.

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Spirituality that is disinterested in the mind and body is part of the same problem that society is built upon. As culture becomes dumber, so do spiritual expectations. People have been trained to give up their freedoms and trade them in for numbness. Consequently they seek a spirituality that caters to that dumbed-down requirement.

Very few people want to learn how to get their faculties back: to become smart, aware and empowered. It is easier to stay in the “The Matrix” since the dubious pleasure of evasion trumps the pain of observing society’s misfortunes. Thus everyone chooses to leave their post instead of witnessing existence or actually doing something about the horrors that beset mankind.

“I choose the Matrix… After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.”
Cypher in “The Matrix”

Admittedly, it’s hard to find a solution when everything that has been offered so far has in fact been sabotaged. The solution has never been offered by society and never will be because repeat business and slavery have to suppress independence to survive. When a person can’t do something for themselves they have to pay someone else to do it and the price  inevitably becomes their life.

Fortunately, I found the solution. I know that making such a claim might seem radical, revolutionary or deluded. I don’t think I am any of them. I invite you to test the solution.

I stumbled upon the solution because I did something unusual. I did not go into my mind to mull over inadequate theories and crippled techniques. Instead I went to the only immediately accessible repository of pure wisdom: my body. And you can go to your body too for the answers.

After several years of travelling through my body, which is in fact the same field as the psyche, I was able to make sense of things and to release myself from a stifling grip that had kept me enthralled since infancy. The grip originated from within my own mind. I prized open the fingers of that grip and for the first time was able to think freely. I then journeyed to the core of my being, my soul. By re-sparking a relationship with my soul, I was able to live my life again. My old life died away and a new life began. In fact, that new life was my original life, it had gone underground for a spell.

You can also have that life that has never gone away and which is awaiting to be lived. It is running in parallel sequence with your fictitious life. You can have your real life back. You can have freedom away from your mind’s machinations. That freedom will not come from theory and techniques but from actual direct experience and perception. Your guide on this journey will be not a person or text but an energy, the Enlightenment Transmission.

I will explain how all of this is possible and can be easily accessed in the online class ‘Living The Life That You Were Supposed To Live’ which you can join live or request a replay.