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Dave O.
Wed, 6 Dec 2017

Amazing synchronicity! What are the odds of Enlightenment Transmission striking in the Australian Bush of all places?

"awakening: laughing the whole night long"

Dear Seekers

An amazing synchronicity just happened. Please let me know the statistical odds for the following to occur.

At 4am every Monday morning an Australian mother is wide-awake to attend the weekly Live Enlightenment Transmission Communion video class before going out to perform a full day of work. Wonder where she gets the inspiration from?

Except this week, she was on a mini-silent-retreat in the Ozzy Bush, where she heard another older woman share how her life had changed 16 years ago after a "friend" got Enlightened and had an "enlightenment" experience that caused her to laugh the whole night in a B&B. She said of the young man's public meetings that the "feeling of love in the room was overwhelming" and then he moved to Finland. Wonder who that was?

What are the statistical odds that one of the newest participants in the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Community met one the oldest participants in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the world on an extremely rare day off from her diligent weekly online class attendance?

There are lots of amazing stories around the Enlightenment Transmission but this one is so statistically extreme that it makes the mind boggle.

Below is the testimony that Varta wrote in 2001 about that all-night B&B laughter experience taken from my earliest website Oshana.Org, which has lots of interesting vintage stories, independent reviews and participant testimonials from the first few years of my Enlightenment.

This 'story of the story' brought back lots of good feelings and memories about those love-filled public meetings. And it caused me to wonder what are the actual odds of such a meeting in the Bush ever happening again?!

Stay tuned for more real life Enlightenment Transmission stories. Better yet get some of your own. Experiencing  is believing!


Enlightenment Transmission = Endless Amazement

Varta's 2001 Testimonial on Oshana.Org
I couldn't hold onto a thought!

This is was what happened to me after a meeting in Totnes with Oshana, a young teacher of enlightenment.

First, I couldn't stop crying, but it was just pure emotion, not connected with anything; then I couldn't stop laughing and I was just in bliss and there was only sensation.

I lay on the bed and couldn't move for hours and I kept laughing. And I thought: "This is it! This is what enlightenment feels like!"

Everything looked different, it was as if I was looking at the world from a different place. There were birds flying outside the window and every bird was a new shock to me - it was as if I hadn't seen a bird before.

Everything looked in sharper focus. I couldn't hold onto a thought, they just shot past my consciousness. And I kept laughing.

At some point I got up to go to the bathroom and a plaster fell off my heel. I picked it up and looked at it and it was as if I had never seen a plaster before. I tried to turn on the T.V. and I couldn't make sense of it and turned it off again.

I thought(!) about going out then just lay down on the bed again and felt the sensations. It felt like everything was okay, and better than okay, everything always would be okay, and there was nothing that could happen that could impact that.

Then a friend phoned and said "I don't know why I'm phoning you but..." and I explained what was happening and then she knew why she was phoning me and shared the experience a bit.

Then I went to sleep and woke up the next morning and it wasn't the same. Now I want more please! And, having experienced this feeling, I know that I can have it again!

Before this happened, my heart had just opened up. We often put ourselves at a distance from other people, stay separate, judge, don't feel connected. That night I felt very connected and just loved everyone.

Even when I lived on the ashram of an enlightened master for two years, I rarely experienced this because I was rarely able to let my defences down.

Now it feels like I don't have a choice anymore (I didn't then either) - it just happens. And that paves the way for me to wake up. I think my key to enlightenment is to become open and vulnerable. This has always been the hardest thing for me to do.

In his book, 'The Power of Now', Eckhart Tolle talks about the power of groups of people coming together in what he calls 'a state of presence':

"A group of people coming together in a state of presence generates a collective energy field of great intensity. It not only raises the degree of presence of each member of the group but also helps to free the collective human consciousness from its current state of mind dominance."

So perhaps we have a duty to come together in this way to raise human consciousness. However, Eckhart Tolle also says:

"Although group work is invaluable, it is not enough, and you must not come to depend on it. Nor must you come to depend on a teacher or master, except during the transitional period, when you are learning the meaning and practice of presence."

So let's meet together in a group, but let's not lose sight of the fact that we each have an individual responsibility for increasing our own awareness of this presence and for raising the collective consciousness of the entire planet. Let's never lose sight of that!