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Dave O.
Sat, 30 Dec 2017

The Search for the True Self in a World of Fake News and Views


Give yourself a true break over the holiday season from your mind’s incessant machinations. Get back some of your mental real estate. Benefit from some self-mastery and control. Go to the pre-thought level. Join me for ‘Experience The Time Before Thought’. The live event will have many more benefits than a replay, for example there will be opportunities to interact with me.

Let us meet for the first live “interactive dialogue” of the year on Sunday 7th January 2018,‘Experience The Time Before Thought’.


Pithy statements start culled from an unpublished article:

To become free you have to dive deep into the pool of consciousness, beneath the software platform on which your false identity creates an imaginary reality.

Spiritual seekers fail to find a real connection with life because their identity and inner language are not aligned with reality.

You have been conditioned to live in a virtual reality bubble where movies seem like real life. The movies play non-stop in your mind. You do not live in the real world but mainly within an internal movie.

In this non-stop virtual reality, where is the real you? How can you find yourself in a world where “fake news” has created fake personas in every area of life?

Unreal thinking is not an effective tool in the quest to find your true self. A spiritual group that is based on false beliefs cannot lead to truth.

I’m not asking you to believe in the concept of a “true self”. Instead I ask you to look at your true needs. You will know if you have pain and you will know if you need a solution. That is how the “spiritual” search starts.

The “spiritual search” is simply a search for your self. You have two selves, so how will you differentiate between the two? The original self I term the “true self”, the fake self I call the “false identity”.

It’s better to reveal something real than learn abstract concepts.

You need a way to perceive life directly, without beliefs and concepts mediating your experience. How are you going to do that?

In my next interactive dialogue online class, I aim to take listeners into pre-thought – which doesn’t require any beliefs, concepts, techniques or intellectualising. It’s very natural, healthy and relaxing. Join ‘Experience Pre-Thought’.