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Dave O.
Mon, 8 Jan 2018

Awaken Purely by Interactive Bliss Dialogues

The simple, most direct way to bring about Awakening is the Interactive Dialogue - no spiritual teacher, spiritual teaching, techniques, concepts or discipline is required.

This article will introduce the simplest way to precipitate a profound state of awareness. It was my only way in 2000 until I became a “spiritual teacher”. Now that I am no longer a “spiritual teacher” I am free to go back to that simple, most direct way to bring about Awakening: the Interactive Dialogue.

Enlightenment Transmission Dissolves Any Concepting

Awakening is Already Yours

In fact the Interactive Dialogues have already made an appearance in the first live online meeting of this year with very remarkable and profound results. One participant, a diehard intellectual sceptic who claims to have never had a mystical experience around me (except when they are asleep) had an extraordinary transcendental experience simply by observing a dialogue that I was having with someone else. Given how famously hard boiled that sceptical participant is this has to be counted as a result. Indeed some of my best results have been with intellectuals. It is always gratifying to crack those tough nuts to get at the sweet nuttiness within.

Back in 2000, when I had only Enlightenment (I also liked the word Awakening), I had no teaching, techniques or methods that I could share, I only had real world meetings. I wrote (online about 17 years ago), “I do not give talks but have Dialogues in which I gently share the Perspective of Reality from where I am looking. A Perspective which I believe will radically alter people's lives.” I called those dialogues “Blissed out!” and “Interactive Bliss Dialogues”.

The aim of the “Bliss Dialogues” for me was to have a participant enter into a permanent state of bliss simply by having a dialogue with me. The dialogue part was guaranteed. The bliss tended to arrive quite quickly. But the permanence part was an elusive quantity because the natural high state would abate after several days or months. However how does one really define and assess Awakening? I have high standards which (as far as I know) no other spiritual teacher has. My criterion for success was someone getting totally blissed out and never being the same person again. They might not even return to my meeting again (maintaining a group was anathema to me anyway and I am happy to lose my audience members if they reach the supreme attainment).

I called that supreme attainment “Enlightenment”. However Enlightenment is not to be defined by any outside agency. Enlightenment is the end of your quest. You will know if you have genuinely finished seeking. Everyone in fact has finished seeking in some part of themselves. It is that part of the person that I seek to accentuate and make known to the conscious individual.

An Interactive Dialogue is not, as far as I know, a method or technique. I once sought to find patterns and to model my successful Interactive Dialogues. However I was unable to find a replicatable method or pattern. What really happens in an Interactive Dialogue is mostly invisible. What I am doing and what is happening in you is in the invisible parts of yourself. In those invisible parts there may be pattern but on the surface of a person there is no pattern. If I was to respond to what the person is overtly and explicitly saying rather than what is happening deeper within them then I would most likely fail in my aims to bring about a breakthrough in consciousness.

The best way to know what an Interactive Dialogue is, is to experience it. You can experience by having a dialogue or you can be an observer to someone else’s dialogue. It’s simple, direct and personal. It requires nothing special of you, only that you turn up. You do not need to learn any new spiritual language or behaviours.

Being a spiritual teacher, having a spiritual community and lecturing about it at conferences does not necessarily have anything to do with awakening individuals. When I first started sharing it was suggested that I be known as the “Reluctant Guru”. By hook or by crook the spiritual marketplace tries to put a title on what you are. Such labels in fact mislead, they perpetuate a hierarchy made up of false titles and labels, a make-believe spirituality. Let’s leave all spirituality behind and get into real, direct experience and realization. You can meet me in an Interactive Dialogue raw, naked, honest and vulnerable nothing to hide behind – no spiritual language, concepts or fantasies – just life as it is.

My next live online dialogue is on Sunday, 14th January 2018: 'Pure Interactive Bliss Dialogues'