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Dave O.
Mon, 15 Jan 2018

Laugh Your Way to Enlightenment

Wouldn’t it be great if you could laugh your way to Enlightenment? Indeed what if you could laugh your way through all of life’s biggest challenges like exams, your first sexual experience, giving birth, and the moment of death?

Such outside-of-the-box creativity comes from my rough, raw, in-your-face Y2K-style of sharing THIS, i.e. what happened to me on 19th June 2000, what I stutteringly declared as “Enlightenment”. You can make up your mind if it is Enlightenment (Awakening, Satori, Moksha, Unity, Samadhi, Self-Realisation or Nirvana or whatever it is for you), and authentic by tasting your own brew. Everyone brings their own tea to an Enlightened Other - which makes following the implicit advice of the “Zen Teacup” story an impossibility, like all koans!

Enlightenment Transmission Dissolves Any Concepting

Awakening is Already Yours

My aim is to lighten all notions of the historically-serious, absurdly-ridiculous spiritual student-teacher relationship. In fact, I aim to logically dissolve the whole tradition because there can be no equality within a hierarchy. The walls of the Third Temple (modern spirituality) will fall only when the congregants are immodestly rolling in the aisles with uncontainable side-splitting paroxysms of laughter instead of trying to reach the eye of the pyramid (i.e. become Numero Uno).

It seems that No Mind is an essential part of Awakening/Enlightenment process. I had a succession of revelatory No Mind experiences before I became Enlightened. If No Mind is to be shared then it has to happen in real time in a real human interaction. Isn’t it ludicrous that someone would rather lecture about No Mind instead of delivering it? Perhaps you’ve heard “'those who can't do, teach. And those who can't teach, teach gym.” Why would anyone want to hear about No Mind instead of experiencing it? My approach to sharing THIS is through interaction. “THIS” is what I experience. Everyone is trying to share what they experience. I am sharing Enlightenment. I am sure that you’re having the same experience of Enlightenment too, but only with the difference that it is hidden by your mind’s mental chatter.

Laughter is a thinking-outside-of-the-box “aha” moment experience. It interrupts the habitual patterns of your mind and lifts you up into a different perceptual space. We don’t have to laugh at everything - we can cry, be angry, cathart or just rest. Laughter lubricates life, makes it go smoother and helps you get rid of stuff. Jokes can be like having fibre in your diet – they help you poop out your stuff.

I could write more, but instead of more talk, words and concepts I invite you to experience. Come to my online Interactive Dialogue sessions. If you are a true spiritual virgin and this is your first time then you might qualify for free entry (just contact me for the full Terms and Conditions because we have to limit the number of virgins).

The next live online Interactive Dialogue session is 21st January, perhaps too early to prepare some spiritual virgins but there are still spots for more experienced spiritual practitioners. The event can be booked here: ‘The Ego's Graveyard: Where Egos Go To Die’ (even Egos need a place to go when they know they are about to die. Would you like to see it?).


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