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Dave O.
Wed, 17 Jan 2018

Spiritual Teachings Are Supposed To Be Temporary Devices Not Immutable Truths

Have you noticed the new style Dave Oshana? The new model for 2018 comes with a fetching grey goatee, not a guru length beard because the new Dave is irreverently and humorously deriding the traditional “spiritual teacher model” - in fact any model, as he did back in 2000 (which coincidentally was when he became Enlightened).

Sharing ⇒THIS⇐ (shorthand for “Enlightenment”) should not need any words or concepts. In fact, words and concepts will always cause a seeker to stray off the straight and narrow line that leads directly to “The Truth”. Spiritual seekers, naturally (but not really naturally), have a head full of concepts.

Have you heard that a teaching is a canoe to be used only to take a spiritual seeker across the sea of illusion to the shores of reality, and furthermore, that the canoe is not to be carried after its purpose has been served? Turning this on its head, so that it can be practically understood, this means that the process to know reality happens in 2 stages.

Awakening is Already Yours

Awakening is Already Yours

The 1st stage is to fill up the seeker’s head with nonsense concepts, rituals and techniques (I have avoided this stage because it is wearisome, ethically dubious, increasingly attracts contempt, generally already done by someone else and nearly every person has enough nonsense to create some mental mulch).

The 2nd stage – which normally never gets delivered in most spiritual groups – is to empty out all of those concepts, rituals and techniques. Thus the purpose of eating spiritual concepts is like the purpose of eating fibre – to create a full and effective bowel movement. Unfortunately if a person eats only laxatives but never sits on the poopy throne then they are going to suffer more than they ever did before not. The cause of that is not karma but idiocy. There is a lot of idiocy on the spiritual scene.

The whole point of a spiritual teaching is to take all of the nonsense away from a person’s head including a spiritual teaching itself after it has fulfilled its purpose. A spiritual teaching is supposed to be like one of those multi-hooked throwing tools (the kind with a rope used to scale tall buildings). The hooks go into the mind and then are pulled out thereby bringing all of the nonsense concepts along with it. A similar thing happens with a bee, although in this case not at the barbed end, its entrails get pulled out after it stings. Spiritual teachings should not be loading spiritual concepts into a person and leaving them there forever – that simply weakens a person and does not help them to a better place.

When spiritual seekers first come to me they are like cars that have been badly dented, dinged and bashed around. Really though, they should be fresh, vital and innocent since they represent the new crop of young truth seekers. But instead they are jaded, neurotic, uncertain and obsessed with things that are irrelevant and oft times that do not exist. Clearly spiritual teachings have not fostered their young wide-eyed innocence but corrupted it.

My first task is to remove the excessive and extraneous nonsense from their minds. At one time it seemed that 50% of my time was taken with clearing up misconceptions. It’s like spiritual seekers were speaking some other language. I had to laugh (or else I would have had to cry) that spiritual seekers were ironically telling me about the nature of truth, reality and Enlightenment and yet that was supposedly what they were coming to receive from me.

There’s always a risk that when you try to disabuse a spiritual seeker of their prized and pet beliefs that they will react unkindly or not nicely. It’s like telling a young child that their father is not God or Superman – they might go into shock or rage. Bringing truth to those who claim to want truth but actually have a strong aversion to truth is a tricky problem. Consequently, I prefer to avoid any kind of discussion that asks for my opinion about a spiritual teacher or guru because in some cases the “mummy” or “daddy” figure is not only not God or Superman but leading a highly immoral lifestyle that could end up in Supermax. However anyone who clings to a ridiculous dream is not going to want to give it up for something as seemingly boring as plain unvarnished truth. Reality though is much more exciting than fiction, which is only an inferior substitute for reality, so they are in fact missing out.

Anyhow, what I offer really has nothing to do with spiritual language. What I offer is ⇒THIS⇐ . ⇒THIS⇐ is a pure experience of the present moment. When I awakened to ⇒THIS⇐ on 19th June 2000, I called it Enlightenment - but there any similarity with spiritual teachings and concepts ends. I am delivering ⇒THIS⇐ not a teaching.

I started this article intending to introduce the SEVA (Spiritual Enlightenment Virgin Assistance) Program - which supports spiritual newbies to have free access to live online Interactive Bliss Dialogues. That article will have to wait now. Clearing up misconceptions uses up a lot of valuable time – which is very convenient for spiritual egos (who by definition always seek to delay their Enlightenment).

If you would like to join a live online Interactive Bliss Dialogue then you will find that they happen nearly every Sunday, see the upcoming events webpage – and if this is your first time you might qualify for free entry on the Spiritual Virgin ticket, but do so soon because this may be a time-limited offer.

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