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Dave O.
Sat, 20 Jan 2018

SEVA Offers Free Access To Enlightenment Transmission Events

The SEVA (Spiritual Enlightenment Virgin Awakening) Program is a new experimental charitable initiative providing free access to Enlightenment Transmission events for those who would not normally attend.

Awakening, Self-Realisation and Enlightenment Transmission should be available to everyone. Given that Enlightenment is free, inexhaustible and permanent, and that Dave Oshana has stated “Come Steal my Enlightenment” for over 17 years, SEVA seeks to support this.

Enlightenment Transmission is You

Enlightenment Transmission is You

“Spiritual Virgin” is shorthand for “Enlightenment Transmission Virgin” i.e. someone who has experienced fewer than 3 Enlightenment Transmission events. However the SEVA Program also supports those who are more “experienced” i.e. not exactly “spiritual virgins”.

Currently, SEVA is supporting anyone, who has never regularly participated in Live Online Enlightenment Transmission events, to obtain free access to Sunday’s live online Pure Bliss Interactive Dialogues. To confirm eligibility it is necessary to complete an application process. Note that here is waiting list to attend SEVA supported Pure Bliss Interactive Dialogues. It is not known for how long this this exceptional free offer will be available. For these reasons applications should be made as soon as possible.

Application requests and questions can be sent by email or via contact-form (select "personal).