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Dave O.
Mon, 22 Jan 2018

Sudden Awakening: Freedom So Close You Can Taste It

To Wake Up, Perchance to Live.

"After Sunday's live online interaction event, I could not tell the difference between an internet socket and an electric plug."

The possibility of waking up spiritually after a lifetime of collusive self-denial is both scary and exhilarating and possibly only possible when someone takes you by the hand to the edge of glory and a new return to the beginning.

Within each person are two competing selves locked in an eternal struggle to cancel each other out. The consciousness within is shunted back and forth like a shuttle between two poles of perceiving: one of infinite possibility, the other of abject horror of life’s exhilarating innumerable permutations of infinite possibility.

You exist perpetually in a twilight zone on the edge of your own freedom - the scary liberation from The Ego that has ruled the inner landscape,  your earthly existence since self-thought began. Naked, vulnerable but alive you will awaken with all your senses fully open from the chrysalis pod of a seemingly eternal sleep.

Never Not Here

Never Not Here

Sudden Awakening is possible by a Pure Interactive Dialogue, see upcoming online events

The next meeting is ‘Sudden Freedom: Never the Same Person Twice’ (at time of writing is) on Sunday 28th January 2018.

Currently, Free entry is possible for newcomers and eligible applicants under the Oshana SEVA Program (apply early). See ‘SEVA Offers Free Access To Enlightenment Transmission Events’