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Dave O.
Mon, 29 Jan 2018

Alice in Wonderland: The Constantly Dreaming Mind Exposed

Let’s take your mind for a spin around its imaginary landscape, an inner Chigley populated by Jack in the Boxes and Jake the Pegs with their extra legs. The interior of your mind is more surreal than Twin Peaks. Those wobbly people and ethereal places are in fact codes locked up by a decryption key that was thrown away in plane site. Welcome to your subconscious, the most valuable real estate on the planet that you didn‘t even know that you owned - a playground of rich, famous and powerful who populate your mind with “stuff”. Things are never what they seem until you fully awaken.

Your mind is a sealed black box running a projection show. You can touch but you cannot look. You can look but you cannot touch. The mind controls your perception but you cannot find the mind. And yet, your mind shows up in all the moves that you make, every breath that you take. You are in a dream from the moment you wake up you until going to sleep that says “look at me, but not ME”. You hear the Voice of Oz but never see the actual Wizard.

Allow me to take you through your inner Alice is Wonderlandscape. The Mad Hatter despite his protestations “I ain’t got time for that” really has got time. Its starts with meeting me. It ends when you meet yourself, your true self. The only hurdle is your mind.

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Join the Unplug Party

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