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Dave O.
Wed, 7 Feb 2018

Saving Inter-Dimensional Reality

Large falling snowflakes have a stroboscopic effect especially when viewed through half-open venetian blinds.

A Thin Vermeer of Pseudo-Reality

For the past week, I have had a chill, something rarer than the Super Blue Moon Eclipse that it coincided with. My nervous system felt like it had been turned inside out and my veins injected with supercooled water. And I loved it! This is how Albert Einstein might have felt when he experienced Relativity.

My head was filled with bubble thoughts that I had to dissolve before they become sticky flypaper universes that trapped souls within them. I hate arcade games but this was fun and even essential because these were my universes, lives were at stake and the reward was meaningful: absolute peace, quiet and rest. I also discovered how it is possible to make a certain presidency appear to have never happened but that’s a story for another day.

The fixed “reality” you see is only what has been spray painted upon the inside of your eyelids by your imagination. Real reality is like raw water - it’s unfiltered, unprocessed and unpredictable.

Hanging out in the twilight zone of consciousness, I wanted to report back to you but (like the Star Trek Enterprise) had only enough energy for the journey, not the communication system. However, I hope that you will allow me to show you the layers of perceptual mechanisms that create your personal projected reality in the upcoming Truth Dialogue meetings which happen every Sunday.

Unless I get taken on another mission to save an inter-dimensional reality again, I'll be at the ‘Unplugging: The Unprogram Party’ which got moved to 11th February.