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Dave O.
Tue, 20 Feb 2018

Enlightenment Transmission: The Silence of Falling Snow

“I wanna take you on a rollercoaster
I wanna tell you that I'm feeling closer
I wanna push it right over the line”
"Leave You Far Behind” Lunatic Calm (The Matrix)

I sometimes say that the Enlightenment Transmission is like a cyclone, a washing machine or ‘energy waves’. Neither of these similes capture the deep and profound peace of the Enlightenment Transmission. You may have heard about the eye of the hurricane, the place where the wind absolutely does not move and everything is still. And yet, whilst the Enlightenment Transmission can completely take your life for a spin and wash it clean, the most profound effect is in the deep, abiding silence that melts every part of your being.

Enlightenment Transmission: The Silence of Falling Snow

 Enlightenment Transmission: The Silence of Falling Snow

It was this deep, profound peace that descended upon the recent Sunday online meeting group. The effect was unexpected like the energy snowstorm that gently and profoundly descended upon an introduction group during questions and answers in Portland, Maine about 5 years ago. When Enlightenment Transmission phenomena happens it is typically captivating, overwhelming and stunning. I can be captivated by very simple things. I enjoy watching bright orange coloured woodpeckers head-butting dead trees for hours whilst I soak up the sun atop of snowy forest rocky hills.

I am also absorbed when observing the Enlightenment Transmission and the effects of Enlightenment Transmission which are silent and invisible but profoundly palpable. It’s like watching large fluffy snowflakes silently floating down to Earth.

Sunday’s online meeting was supposed to be an Interactive Dialogue event. Initially there were so few registrations that I thought it may be the smallest event ever. Everyone in the meeting was experienced, committed, open and faithful – these are the necessary conditions for something profound to be delivered. And it was delivered – for 2 hours straight we went on a guided journey in which the words were constantly pointing at silence, emptiness and interconnectivity (not your everyday concepts). This theme will be continued in the upcoming online event ‘Only Connect - Because Connection Is All That There Is’ on 25th February 2018.

I am considering releasing a replay of 18th February 2018 event ‘Spiritual Clarity meets Mental Architecture: Solving the Bind of Identity’ but first need to review it. This was one feedback “yesterday's class was sooo good :) I was blown away, it felt so spot on”. If you are interested then feel free to contact-form me.