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Dave O.
Mon, 26 Feb 2018

Finding the Real Stuff: Why You Are Unlikely to Awaken and How You Are Lucky If You Do

When it comes to making titles, I like to be a bit edgy. I do it for effect and for balance. I want seekers to know that I’m offering something different. Of course such titles might give a wrong impression but I so much want to not appear to be like all the other spiritual teachers that I take a chance. What I offer is so pure and fantastical that if simply declared for what it is then it would seem too incredible to be believable. Besides, it cannot be fully captured in words. Those who enjoy it know it only because they have experienced – and that’s how it should be, deliver the goods and don’t make people wait in hope for a future that never will arrive.

A Kiss From Your True Self Is All You Wanted

A Kiss From Your True Self Is All You Wanted

I hope and expect that real spiritual seekers will notice what I am really, actually and truly offering. Of course the spiritual marketplace, like YouTube, is being increasingly flooded with ineffective nonsense. Therefore the chance of finding me and the Enlightenment Transmission, which is the real thing, is highly unlikely. So if you’re reading this article then you are one of a rare few who have found me. I hope that you can discern whether what I offer is what you are seeking because if it is this is going to be a match made in heaven.

I became Enlightened on 19th of June 2000 after 25 long and frustrated years of seeking. I know that the spiritual marketplace is, like Facebook, a huge waste of time, so much so in fact that I have mostly avoided going there or commenting on it. Consequently most spiritual seekers have never heard about me and the Enlightenment Transmission. Those who have heard about me don’t know what it is that I offer. Those who have met me and experience the Enlightenment Transmission although dramatic changed have no idea how to describe what they have experienced.

I get a huge thrill from sharing Enlightenment Transmission. I find it funny when people don’t recognise what it is that I am offering and bad luck when they choose, as most seekers do, something useless or damaging. I love it when someone recognises that the Enlightenment Transmission is simple, effortless and effective in ways that are unknown in the spiritual marketplace.

To be a spiritual seeker is to live in a dream world that tries to hold onto the seeker and never let them go. Consequently the seeker will choose options that will actually keep them in the dream world and never awaken. Furthermore the spiritual marketplace is full of dream world material instead of raw, real awakening stuff. Whilst the dead can bury the dead and the blind can lead the blind, in the spiritual marketplace those who are asleep lead those who are asleep.

I have been sharing my experience of Enlightenment, clearing up misunderstandings received from the spiritual marketplace and the unbelievably effective Enlightenment Transmission for 18 years so that you do not need to go through the frustration, confusion and heartbreak that the spiritual marketplace offers.

If you recognise that what is on offer here is a way to end your spiritual seeking and discover your true self then you are truly fortunate. And if you contact me then you will find that I am very available and can support in ways that no spiritual marketplace celebrity ever could or would. Take a breath and dive in deep.