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Dave O.
Tue, 27 Feb 2018

Oh Dark Night of the Soul, Where is Thy Sting? Reply to a Spiritual Seeker

Just because one bestselling scripturally-plagiarising author of Enlightenment Porn publicised that he had had a dark period just before his alleged awakening, many literate spiritual seekers started asking about and expecting that everyone who wakes up has to have a “dark night of the soul”.

I never had a “dark night of the soul” just before I became Enlightened so I am not a member of that club which became popular around the time of Evanescence. However that does not mean that my nights were never “dark and full of terrors” but I learned to deal with those fears early on in life, eventually forging myself into a singular existential pimple that would explode once and for all in a gentle, non-Rambo-like fashion aka Enlightenment. For those obsessed with horror movies this is an anti-climax since my zit-pop moment was a gentle pleasurable release that had all aesthetic grace of ikebana (Japanese flower arranging).

However if you find yourself having a “dark night of the soul” I can help you.  A mind after all is just a mind and all minds are the same. I mean that sincerely and jokingly at the same time because each mind has both standard features and irregularities.

The term “dark night of the soul” is imagined in many ways. A person is made of many parts and any of those parts could experience darkness from which the kind of awakening that I consider to be Enlightenment will not occur.

Of course any journey that passes through the “dark night of the soul” is a relief and possibly exhilarating. It is not necessary to have a “dark night of the soul” to become Enlightened but you can pop two pimples with one pinch i.e. solve the “dark night of the soul” and get Enlightened. Being free of the “dark night of the soul” is an asset unless you make money as a twisted artist.

There are different opinions about what the “dark night of the soul” is since people imagine it to be different things. In my opinion the “dark night of the soul” happens not upon waking up but going to sleep which is what happens at a young age when a person is forced into a “false identity” through social pressure.

The “false identity” causes thoughts and emotions to be bottled up in the mind and heart.  Of course the unbottling process can be unsettling but it is not as bad as the bottling process. Everyone enjoys seeing champagne spurt out of a bottle for some reason that perhaps we can circumnavigate for the moment.

My own spiritual seeking period spanned 25 long and intense years from a young age. I went through many frustrations. Spiritual teachings, which I generally gained from books, were mostly a salve that gave relief and hope but no real awakenings.

It was only towards the end of my 25 year seeking period that I started to explore and understand the various parts of myself. That was nearly 18 years ago and so I tend to forget much of the details. However I have not forgotten how much I was misled by well-meaning but incorrect advice from people who were not Enlightened even though in some cases they or others claimed they were Enlightened.

I offer help and advice to seekers because I can help them avoid many of the mistakes and misunderstandings that most spiritual seekers will encounter, some of which will damage them.

Recently I received an email from someone who is relatively new to the spiritual path and the various parts of their self, but who has been forced to explore them.  Their whole life was mainly chaotic, disassociated and destructive. As a preparation for a One-to-One with me they described their history which for privacy reasons I of course will not print here. Instead I will post my response to them because it may give others, especially those who are experiencing some kind of turbulent awakening, some understanding of what they are going through.

Of course my reply was not intended to be an article and was not written for the general public but it gives a glimpse of how I interact with seekers, in this case a native English speaker who can wrap their head around metaphors that describe their situation.

My language is customised for each person who I communicate with. No two seekers will have exactly the same experience of life however there can be broad similarities. In this case the person had been describing what might be considered “the dark night of the soul” or a kundalini rising or an extreme change in psychological perspective or just a rapid waking up process. I have not had the opportunity yet to explore this with them yet.

Here is my reply:

Thanks for the description of your journey, fears and aims. I used to invite people to cover those bases so it's a curious thing that you did so naturally without much prompting. You also pretty much covered the rocky road to waking up in just one lap around the track. Others might take a longer, slower curve but probably no one gets to avoid disorientation and all the other ‘nice’ things that space travel brings like g-forces, zero gravity, weightlessness, disassociation, loneliness and boredom.

The journey is about going from something to nothing and from finite to infinity and from nothing to everything all at the same time. I can help you to navigate the disorientation whilst remaining conscious. The Rubik's Cube of your mind will be trying to turn on all axes at the same time. This is confusing for the finite reality that the mind has constructed but easily negotiable for the consciousness within which is designed to go in all directions including inside-out and outside-in.

No one ever learned to swim on dry land which is why you are in the water now. See you at the beach.

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