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Dave O.
Mon, 5 Mar 2018

The Real Social Network is Not on the Internet and You are Already a Member

How companies compete for your soul through A.I.-dominated social networks and how you can enter the true soul network with your senses wide open.

Online social networks are competing for your attention and diverting your Love away from the Real Social Network that connects you, your loved ones and all human souls. It cannot be manipulated nor exploited and will never be hosted on the Internet.
A Kiss From Your True Self Is All You Ever Wanted

A Kiss From Your True Self Is All You Ever Wanted

The most popular online social networks tend to be highly constrained, heavily manipulated, socially engineered, recursively data-mined and hugely funded by shadowy organisation who care not about ethics or privacy but social control. Aside from their ability to stalk your life, habits, contact list, physical movements and phone data better than any stalker, one eventual aim is to create a fully virtual social network driven by Artificial Intelligence that connects people not to other people but to AI bots who perfectly mimic the most desirable human behaviours better than any friend, family member or lover. Consequently human beings will turn to AI to satisfy the human needs and not work out the differences between each other. Human beings will become isolated and remote from one another and inevitably the human race will fall apart. This has already started, long ago.

However, already there is a Real Social Network that is not on the Internet and never will be. That social network connects all human souls. It cannot be manipulated nor exploited. It is invisible but palpable. However, our connection to that Real Social Network needs to be repaired. The knowledge and awareness that there is only one human soul needs to be recovered and recognised. Regardless we all feel that human soul as the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. This is one social network that you do not have to join and you can never escape. It is affecting you, your loved ones and everyone else that you know and also do not know. It’s worth experiencing it and even better to start repairing and fixing it because after this life where will you go but the great social network in the sky?

The Real Social Network is like the Tree of Life. Online social networks like the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and will hasten the spiritual death of the human race. Instead, choose Life, choose Reality, choose Love.

To find out more register for the live online meeting ‘Experience the Real Soul Network and Create Peace for Humanity’ on Sunday 11th March 2018 or request a replay by contact-form if you missed it.