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Dave O.
Mon, 12 Mar 2018

Sleeping, Dreaming, Journeying and Tripping on Enlightenment Transmission

Newcomers frequently find that their awareness “goes somewhere” during Enlightenment Transmission meetings, sometimes for the whole time. Are they sleeping, dreaming or something else? Is this supposed to happen? Why does it happen?

Based on nearly 18 years of sharing Enlightenment Transmission, I have observed different types of results that will be useful for you to know about especially if you have such experiences yourself.

It's very normal and typical for participants to find themselves asleep or what seems to be a sleep-like state. I also "go off somewhere else" when I edit the Enlightenment Transmission audios which makes it very slow and tedious to edit them.

Participants discover after sometime that they have not entered into normal sleep but are journeying through a land of inner wisdom and revelation. As I write that, I am pulled towards that dimension and my body is filled with warm bubbles as my muscles unwind gently like a cat softly stretching. If I give in to that feeling then I would stop writing and wander off.

Participants also become more aware and are both "here" and "there" or "there and here". In fact all human being are in two places at the same time, they just are not aware of it.

Generally going into "sleep" is a passing phase and participants are conscious of both the experiences that they are having and my voice. However, as I have mentioned in the meetings, my voice is much less unimportant than what a participant receives through their own senses and wisdom channels. Words are secondhand understandings that can easily fade but direct experiences last forever.

One participant especially prefers to go into the sleep-like state because it is only there that he becomes conscious of understandings and meanings that have been hidden from his conscious mind.  

In some cases actual deep sleep happens because it is the most powerful healing medicine required for the participant's body/energy system at that time. Sleep occurs less when a participant has sufficiently recovered their energy and restored their inner balance.

Of course, from a psychotherapy point of view a person may go unconscious as a self-protection mechanism when over-stimulated, encountering an overwhelming situation or digging up an unprocessed memory or deep trauma. Eventually, over time a person may cope better with overwhelm.

In some cases, a person’s Ego (false identity) shuts down a person’s conscious mind because of a cognitive dissonance coping mechanism. The Ego does not want the mind to receive a view of reality that differs from the Ego’s creation.

Sleep and Enlightenment Transmission can work together. They can be viewed as two waves that sometimes come together. This is most easily observed on our residential retreats which are 7 days and nights of immersion in the Enlightenment Transmission. A participant will naturally go in and out of sleep both during the night and the day. They will also feel Enlightenment Transmission changing and following wave-like patterns. It’s a transcendental but tangible experience that happens simultaneously with the physical world. It makes visible an inner dimension which most people are ignore but are nonetheless influenced by.

The Enlightenment Transmission is effective and in constant contact with a participant in all kinds of conscious states. Sometimes stuck psychosomatic blockages are released from a participant without their ordinary mind being involved because it would interfere the process. Their soul wants to release the pattern and the Enlightenment Transmission responds.

Some participants request a replay of the live events because they want to hear what I said when they were journeying somewhere else whilst other participants feel they received what they needed and so do not need to hear the words spoken.

The most important fact, in my view, is contact with the Enlightenment Transmission whether awake or asleep or in meditation. In my own case I greatly enjoy going to sleep because when going to sleep I know that I am going to meet the Enlightenment Transmission without the distractions of the body or worldly activities. However the body is important too. The body fills up with Enlightenment Transmission and when there is a sufficient amount then the Enlightenment Transmission can flow into their life and be shared with others. When Enlightenment Transmission flows then there is connection between the deepest spiritual parts of people.

You can experience deeply the Enlightenment Transmission in Enlightenment Transmission Guided Meditations such as the ‘The Deep Soul Rest Reset Enlightenment Transmission Guided Meditation’. A number of Guided Meditations can be booked as downloadable MP3s or online streaming replays.

Note: Although I have used the popular word “tripping” which presumably originates from psychedelic culture, I have never used nor supported the use of recreational drugs or shamanic plants. Since Enlightenment Transmission is effortless, everywhere, complete and freely available, there is no need for anything else.