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Dave O.
Mon, 19 Mar 2018

Evidence of your Enlightenment will bring about your Enlightenment

Seek and you will find

The simple affirmation that a person is already Enlightened does not bring them any nearer to experiencing their own Enlightenment. Acquire some experiences of your Enlightenment and eventually you might flip into full-time Enlightenment.

If you are “already Enlightened” then where is your Enlightenment?

It’s quite common to hear in the spiritual marketplace that you are “already Enlightened”. However no evidence or method is ever actually offered to prove that statement or enjoy that Enlightenment. The simple affirmation that a person is “already Enlightened” does not bring them any nearer to experiencing their own Enlightenment.

Spiritual groups, that are based around the belief that everyone is “already Enlightened” but whose members do not actually make the journey towards Enlightenment are simply consolation clubs trading in fake spiritual Monopoly money which ruins their chances of ever getting around the board in this lifetime.

Seek and you will find

Seek and you will find

Having no way to become Enlightened, these spiritual groups have nowhere to go and nothing that they can prove, consequently they arrive at the irrational idea that if you stop seeking for the Enlightenment then they will find it. Unfortunately, that is not how Enlightenment is discovered. They have committed a logical fallacy. Just because it’s true that one’s spiritual search for Enlightenment ends when one becomes Enlightened does not mean the opposite is true i.e. that just by believing (untruthfully) that one has ended one's spiritual search that then Enlightenment will happen. I tried these methods when I was a spiritual seeker and they did not work for me. I am not aware of them working for  anyone else either. In fact I was not able to stop my spiritual seeking no matter how much I tried. Such declarative methods are a waste of time and are not in alignment for someone who is genuinely seeking from a deep place within their self, a place that belief cannot touch.

Fortunately, I eventually became Enlightened but not because of these irrational methods of believing or avowing that I had finished my spiritual search or that I was already Enlightened.

Even more irrationally, there are people who claim that if you say that you are Enlightened then you are somehow disqualified from being Enlightened. In reality beliefs do not have such power except the false reality of the mind. Since the inside of someone’s mind is not the abode of reality it is not the place to go to become Enlightened.

I also hold the view that you are in fact “already Enlightened but do not realise it,” but my view is based upon observation and experience. Simply being told that you are Enlightened will not make you aware of your own Enlightenment.

Fortunately there is a way to discover evidence of your Enlightenment and, fortunately, that is far more likely to flip your mind into noticing your Enlightenment than simply believing that you are Enlightened. In fact it makes no sense to believe that you are Enlightened if you have no clue what the word “Enlightenment” actually means. Hence it makes sense to acquire some experiences of your Enlightenment. After having found experiences of your Enlightenment, you can return to these experiences and the place from which they come whenever you want. Eventually you may lose your mind’s conditioned and fictitious view about reality and enter into the wider picture that your Consciousness is always experiencing and in this very moment too – and then you will have become fully Enlightened!

If you want Enlightenment then it is your good fortune that I am offering guided explorations into your Consciousness to discover evidence of your Enlightenment. The next opportunity is on 25th March during the live online event ‘Gathering Evidence that You are Already Enlightened’ – and if you cannot make the event you might be able to book a replay (use the contact-form or email me) or attend another future live online event.