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Dave O.
Tue, 27 Mar 2018

Enlightenment Is Hidden

One of the things that seekers do not know is what they can get from me. If they knew there would be such a huge demand that it would be impossible for most people to meet me. Becoming inaccessible is not something that I want. On the other hand, being completely unknown is undesirable for someone who has something to offer.

Society is perverse: many people desire substandard and inferior quality products simply because they are in high demand, expensive or heavily marketed.

I discovered, quite by accident, that if you give something away then some people will not respect or appreciate what is on offer. They will turn up late or drunk to the appointment, poke around the offering as if it were an old car, suspiciously kick the tires, change the subject and wander away.

Few people trust enough to receive a free gift. People feel easier if there is some kind of fair exchange. Fair exchange seems like a reasonable way for human beings to live in harmony and community. Of course, someone has to give first, trusting that there will eventually be a reciprocation. Enlightenment is a free gift. It's like planting a tree and then stepping away to enjoy only the fact that it exists.

I have lived my life giving away my time and something priceless (enlightenment). I trusted that the universe would support me. My own personal material needs are so slight that they are almost undetectable. However there are certain unrelated expenses that can only be avoided by living in a cave. For many years this situation seemed to work although savvy people told me that I was heading for financial trouble. I trusted, so I never looked at the financial books.

Ironically at the same time that I was being warned to improve my economics, less savvy people told me to drop my prices and make events for free. I have always like giving free events because the reality I am always giving things away. There are very few things that I charge for. Most of my contact with seekers has no price.

Inevitably I discovered that the prophesied financial apocalypse was not on some distant horizon but already in my neighbourhood. However I still trust. I still give. Of course I wonder what has to change to achieve the main objective, which is, to share something amazing and unimaginable (the pure experience of self).

People erroneously believe that if something is really good then everyone will know about it. In many cases, the opposite is true. The best things in life are mostly unknown and undiscovered. This applies to food, hair shampoo and spirituality.

The mainstream tend to believe that junk food is good food. Most popular spiritual teachers are, in fact, selling religious beliefs and the promise of things hoped for that do not actually exist.

Words are enchanting, but rarely can they deliver a permanent transformation in consciousness. Many people are excited to buy fake brands. They fool themselves and others too. The problem with the spiritual marketplace is not spotting the fakes but finding the real thing. The real thing is not going to be found on the biggest, brightest stand of mass produced goods. The real thing might not even have a table. Enlightenment does not have a form that people can recognise it by. Instead it has to be experienced.

Ironically, even though people believe that spirituality should be free, they go to the marketplace to find it or else the marketplace comes to them. It seems that spirituality has to have a price tag to get noticed. This probably is a symptom of living in a cash-based society where money is the main form of value.

It follows from the above observations that it is not possible to full-time offer Enlightenment for free without charging some kind of fee for a service.

Setting a price filters out some of the most obvious time-wasters, people who are interested only in free events and not what is on offer. A price also makes it possible to gather cash which society demands just to be able to survive and move around. And just maybe, financial security might arrive.

However, one undesirable side-effect of pricing is that it will always exclude someone who really wants what is on offer. Whilst a price filters out time-wasters, it also filters out those who really want and could benefit from this (Enlightenment Transmission). To get around this issue I always seek to get to know anyone who contacts me. Also I am open to considering some kind of non-monetary fair exchange. However people are not used to having a direct and personal relationship with a spiritual teacher. Their spiritual leaders handout standardised mass produced fast-food boxes from a faraway stage - that when the boxes eventually arrives are stale, cold and have been manhandled by scores of inattentive people.

There really is nothing like fresh food prepared with individual care and attention. It's priceless, it is love. However no one would even know that it exists.