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Dave O.
Fri, 20 Apr 2018

My Controversial Social Networking Experiment To Enlighten Humanity

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I have been conspicuously engaged in a controversial online engagement experiment to discover more about my 5,000 social networking friends, nearly all of whom have never met me. I expected and received a wide range of diverse views, attitudes, insights, stories and reactions.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle/Observer Effect posits that the observer affects the result of the experiment. Not only did I observe and thereby affect the results, I interacted since it was, after all, a social experiment.

As a trained psychologist, I know how to design an experiment using a standardised procedural methodology and control group. In this case, that would have been insufficient and unsuitable. Instead of being an impartial observer, I became an overt participant. Whilst I could have used standard social engagement metrics, these would not tell me what I wanted to know. I did not simply want to know how many people responded to a particular opening post but how they “feel” in the broadest possible sense about everything to do with the social engagement process. I wanted to know why they read and post, what they believe, what their life experiences are and how they feel about me, someone they have never met, based simply on a few words on a screen.

I should mention that I am typically miscategorised as a “spiritual enlightenment teacher” (or “guru”), a title which supposedly makes me special but which only gets in the way of full engagement because it comes with a whole host of assumptions. Some people assert that someone who declares their own Enlightenment is a deluded, egotistical fake who seeks adulation, money and power. Gurus who dress and act in a certain stereotypical way, claim super human powers, to be desire free and celibate are eventually exposed as fakes. There are also 'followers' who love to worship such fantasy characters. I am not interested in such games. By openly and honestly declaring my Enlightenment, I am placed in this tumultuous melting pot of pride, prejudice, competition and arrogant disregard for what Enlightenment actually is.

The roots of the problem have everything to do with power, politics, social engineering and marketing. Enlightenment should be our natural condition at birth but instead it is misleadingly portrayed as something faraway that can only be attained after lifetimes of suffering and subjugation to an unfair caste system and capricious priests and gurus.

A concerted anti-Enlightenment disinformation campaign runs interference on everyone’s hopes of getting Enlightened and obscures the fact that people do actually get Enlightened, not only without religion but generally by throwing religion out. Furthermore, utilising the “divide and rule” principle, people are programmed to live in isolation and to distance themselves and ostracise a fellow human being who has become Enlightened. In the worst scenario, imprisonment and “crucifixion”, will be the fate of anyone who openly and enthusiastically shares Enlightenment.

The idea that an Enlightened person would never talk about their own Enlightenment is actually a veiled threat that comes not from Enlightened people but the shadowy powers that seek to keep humanity disempowered and disunited. Enlightenment, in fact, is the only power that can unite humanity via heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connection. To understand this, one has to throw out all concepts about Enlightenment and then start using one’s senses when in contact with an Enlightened person. If everyone becomes Enlightened, the human race will look very different and we might save the planet from impending doom.

My word for the power that will Enlighten and unite us all is "Enlightenment Transmission". Maybe you have your own word. Think about it. Contact me. Give me feedback. Collaborate. My door is always open and can never be closed.