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Dave O.
Mon, 30 Apr 2018

Enlightenment Transmission: The Healing Power of the One Soul

If “We are all One”, as is often claimed, then we are not doing a good job of expressing it. In fact, humanity is tragically racing in the opposite direction. Many yearn for an ideal world of peace, love and happiness but are dismayed to find that there is neither the will nor mechanism to implement it.



What might that “One” be in “We are all One”? Clearly, it cannot be physical, since the “7 Billion” are not joined at the hip or any other body party. Nor are they of the same mind. In fact, cultural ways of seeing the world and self can be wildly dissimilar. How about united at the soul level? It would seem not -- if we believe in the virtually universal notion that the soul has a discrete, individual and separate existence. However, I will give you a new perspective: there are no separate souls, there is only one soul. It may be that some theologians hold such a view, but it has not filtered down to the common man in a way that makes better sense than the tenacious concept of individuality. The problem is that as soon as the word “soul” is used then a person creates a picture of separate existences.

In my model, there is only one soul and we, you and I, are fractions of that soul. Thus, you are approximately one seven billionth of that soul (for now we are considering only humanity, since it is big enough for an introduction, and not all of life). It follows that we are interconnected. Indeed, we are of the same body which I will term the One Soul Body. It follows that each of us, is like a cell within that One Soul Body. Unfortunately, on Earth, the physical bodies connected to those cells are at war with each other and even their own bodies. It seems that a self-destructive program has taken over the hearts and minds of humanity.

The question is “what would the One Soul Body do?” Naturally, it would seek, like all beings, to fulfil its nature, which I suggest is: love, joy and harmony. However, the first task is survival. Every body has a natural healing energy that preserves and protects it. The healing energy of the One Soul Body is the Enlightenment Transmission.

The Enlightenment Transmission seeks to awaken, enliven and reconnect every cell within the One Soul Body. Enlightenment happens when that aim is fulfilled past a certain threshold. Enlightenment is not an escape from the world, but a re-immersion in one’s humanity and a strong urge to heal the divisions in the One Soul Body by awakening each cell. Eventually everyone will become Enlightened. On that day humanity will create a very different world than the world we currently inhabit. No longer will we be estranged from our true nature. No longer will anyone know grief, death or division. It will be an unimaginably better world.

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