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Dave O.
Tue, 8 May 2018

Escaping the Terminal Velocity of the Mind's Artificial Reality

These squiggles which you are ‘reading’ cause an electrical storm in your brain within which your mind searches for meaning. Reality is not solid. Consciousness is not stable. A slight tilt in the earth’s magnetic axis and you lose your bearings.

The mind has done an admirable job at pinning down a stable, solid reality. A magical feat of misdirection in a universe of uncertainty and probability where waves act like particles and particles act like waves.

Something inside cries out “This is not IT. This is not reality.”  The quest for meaning starts there. It’s often called the “spiritual search” but simply it is an attempt to wake up from a non-stop dream, an artificial virtual reality that has so fully entered the fabric of the mind, that the mind, impervious to reality, runs on its own peculiar detached logic. Virtual reality is an addictive drug that provides a false and debilitating sense of security, and a punishing set of withdrawal symptoms when the host tries to unhook from its drip feed.

The price of such ‘certainty’ is always steep: the loss of one’s identity, values, senses and purpose. Unreality takes it all and replaces it with manufactured consent. You never can truly choose anything ever again, not even to leave. With eyes wide open, you are forced to watch an endless carnival of meaningless sensations. All ‘exit’ doors return you to the same cinema seat.

However, there is an exit. The mind’s virtual reality cannot hold you indefinitely. There will be intermissions, reel replacements and splicing glitches. In the gaps, you will find your sleeping self, requiring only a kiss of reality to awaken.

This is not poetry, this is reality, based on actual experience. I was once a prisoner of the mind and now am free, and so can you be.

In the gap, when the movie screen sleeps in the mind, there find your own kind.

The Enlightenment Transmission is the communication system that you have unconsciously been looking for.


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