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Dave O.
Wed, 9 May 2018

The Mysteries of Enlightenment Transmission Retreats


Enlightenment Transmission Awaits

The highlight of the Enlightenment Transmission annual event calendar is the residential retreat which delivers life-changing energies, transformations and revelations.

The retreat features huge amounts of Enlightenment Transmission in a beautiful natural relaxing distraction-free environment. The retreat is the most economical way to receive Enlightenment Transmission and the only sure way to receive 7 days and nights of non-stop Enlightenment Transmission.


Enlightenment Transmission Transformations Await

Participants enjoy a full programme of activities which include lectures, group games, exploratory exercises, questions and answers, one-to-one time, advanced Oshana Energy-Work Method training, boating, swimming, forest walks, berry foraging, wood-fired sauna, sunbathing and much more.

Some participants travel for days from the other side of the world to attend an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat. The reasonably priced retreat, of which approximately half of the price is for delicious organic meals and a bed in a beautiful farmhouse (or tent) overlooking the sea, costs several times less than the flight from Australia. Very cheap flights from USA can be found. The best and most spectacular route for North Americans is over Iceland. Travel to and from the island, from door to door in a shared car, costs less than a meal.

Those who commit to attending typically report feeling their minds, bodies and lifestyle being transformed for many months by the Enlightenment Transmission in preparation for the retreat. Enlightenment Transmission retreats bring exceptional benefits including positive life-changes, revelations, realisations and unimaginably profound experiences.

Eligible participants are carefully selected and prepared. Retreat candidates need to have a certain level of commitment, honesty, maturity, experience and ability to handle transformation in a group environment. Every effort is made to make the retreat accessible for anyone who sincerely wishes to attend, however insufficiently prepared or uncommitted candidates are rejected. The commitment is to quality, not quantity, to maintain the integrity of Enlightenment Transmission Retreats. Every retreat is reviewed to improve future retreats.

The only thing that we know about an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat in advance is that there will be three meals a day. What happens and is experienced on an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat depends on what the Enlightenment Transmission wants to deliver and needs of the participants. Since no one can fully prepare for mystery, participants need to have a proven track record of handling change, transformation and extrasensory consciousness. The best preparation for newcomers is to attend several months of group events with Dave Oshana. For many international participants, online group events are the easiest option, however these need to be supplemented with personal One-to-Ones with retreat preparation being one focal point.

Enlightenment Transmission retreats are, in theory, accessible for everyone, however in practice, very few newcomers are sufficiently prepared. No one is ever told that they should go on an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat, even when they ask if they should. An Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is a sacred contract with yourself. No one can influence that. Regular Enlightenment Transmission participants have a fair idea of what they will experience on an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat, but they can never know for sure exactly what they will experience. Those who have no experience of the Enlightenment Transmission, will have no true idea about what an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat gives, although some may feel mysteriously drawn to attend. For these reasons, Enlightenment Transmission Retreats are knowingly undersold, not advertised on 3rd party websites and are only announced in-house. The Enlightenment Transmission is a mystery, a mystery that is accessible, available and perfect for anyone who wants to know what it is to be both fully human and fully soul.

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The deepest, fullest experience of Enlightenment Transmission is accessible on a residential Enlightenment Transmission Retreat. The next retreat is ‘Establishing Heaven on Earth with Enlightenment Transmission’ 2nd-9th August. Booking and preparations should be made now.