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Dave O.
Wed, 9 May 2018

Enlightenment Transmission Retreat: Heaven's Downloads

An Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is a sacred contract with God to receive a series of unique informational and transformational downloads from Heaven for the sake of humanity.

The process starts many months before the Enlightenment Transmission Retreat, with energetic shoehorning, detoxing, slimming and rearrangement, to create a space suitable to receive the Enlightenment Transmission. The tangible effects of this potent process are conspicuously obvious as each recipient notices changes in their emotions, sleeping, thinking, physicality and behaviour.

My responsibility is to ensure that each participant receives, commensurate with their abilities, understanding and commitment, the fullest possible transmission. I have to understand what is being conveyed, remove blockages and promote integration. This fascinating phenomenon is intensely gratifying and pleasurable to witness.

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The deepest, fullest experience of Enlightenment Transmission is accessible on a residential Enlightenment Transmission Retreat. The next retreat is ‘Establishing Heaven on Earth with Enlightenment Transmission’ 2nd-9th August. Booking and preparations should be made now.