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Dave O.
Wed, 9 May 2018

Heaven on Earth: The Original Vision of the Ideal World

Humanity is not comprised of individual, discrete, separate souls but is one soul. The One Soul lives through every human being. In this sense, each person contains a fraction of the One Soul. The energy of the One Soul, Enlightenment Transmission, flows when two, or more, human beings commune. The immediate aim of Enlightenment Transmission is to bring the human race into unity and awaken each person to their true identity, nature and purpose. The ultimate aim of Enlightenment Transmission is Heaven on Earth, which is a shared transcendental experience that floats in a layer above the physical dimension. Heaven on Earth is very different from the current state of human affairs, characterised by inhumanity, division, ignorance and destruction.

Heaven on Earth is not a psychological state. It cannot be implemented politically, by coercion or social engineering. Heaven on Earth will happen when the innate intelligence of the One Soul flows through each human being to express and receive love. On that day, love will be the basic experience; hatred will be an impossibility, a historical anomaly.

Money, passports, businesses, armies and taxes will not exist in Heaven on Earth. There will be no countries and so no border controls. No crime, so no police, courts or prisons. Travellers will be welcomed into every home, anywhere in the world. People will not work for money because money will not exist. People will give freely simply for the exquisite pleasure of giving. Nature will finally be fully and truly cared for.

The Enlightenment Transmission is here now. You can experience Enlightenment Transmission by yourself and in communion with others. Is there any reason to delay the inevitable, exquisite pleasure of experiencing your true nature, purpose and destiny?

The deepest, fullest experience of Enlightenment Transmission is accessible on a residential Enlightenment Transmission Retreat. The next retreat is ‘Establishing Heaven on Earth with Enlightenment Transmission’ 2nd-9th August. Booking and preparations should be made now.