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Dave O.
Tue, 15 May 2018

Facebook: The Big Pull Out

Disconnect Facebook


I never knew you well and I never really liked you, but within your high security prison walls I enjoyed a few laughs with your inmates.

Many wanted to stay, but I managed to help a few to break free, from your privacy-invading apps and sticky algorithms. It was not as difficult as some Facebook addicts imagine. I will meet the escapees on the other side, in a free space that you, and other socially engineering monopolies, will never be able to infiltrate.

You are only AI, but anyway, I will say: bye, gotta fly. Thanks for all the fake catfish, but there are much better fish to fry.

I won't be telling you my plans or leaving a forwarding address. Those who are meant to find me will, but that isn't you.

I hope I make myself perfectly obscure both now and always.