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Dave O.
Tue, 22 May 2018

Facebook Zombies Tried to Eat my Enlightenment



“Feeling hopeless.” Is that a Facebook status? It should be because that's how most people truly feel. Instead, they put on a fake happy face and channel their frustration into impotent Facebook “liking rampages”. Stick it to The Man, tell Him that you “Like” world peace and laughter and nature and health and positivity and cats! He listens! If “we” rack up enough “Likes” then “They” will finally realise that “They” must do something to stop the destruction of the planet, because that’s what “we” want.

The problem is that Facebook’s engineers and advertisers do not care what you think. In fact, they don’t need you to think. Keep playing Candy Rush. Those coins are not real, but that rush is! Sign up your hungry baby to Facebook too, he will then get all the “feed” that he needs.

Facebook addicts agree that Facebook sucks, it lacks burgers and toilets. The benefits outweigh the problems, they say. Indeed, now that they think about it, they don’t recall any problems except when the servers went down. Facebook has only been good to them, just look at all of those “friends”! Facebook makes them feel wanted, worthy and loved. “Friends” who wish them good morning and good night. “Friends” who instantly and unconditionally love them. “Friends” who run charities serving poor orphans. “Friends” who would never wish to meet them in real life!

Yes, Facebook sucks, like a toilet. It devours you. Your Facebook “friends” dine on your brains until you become a zombie too. Then you are “in”.

Facebook does not want you to wake up. Get out of Facebook while you can. Commercially controlled social networking is removing life, liberties and freedoms, not giving them. Machine-mediated connection is killing the art of deep soul-to-soul communication, thereby unhinging humanity from reality and accelerating its collision course with annihilation. If you agree click “Like” and then immediately go to the next item on the perpetual Facebook notification feed that needs your constant attention.

Or else, if you really want to contribute to the Human Wildlife Fund then get Enlightened. Every donation of Enlightenment saves at least one human animal. The revolution will not happen on Facebook, it is happening out here.

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