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Dave O.
Mon, 28 May 2018

Ego Wars: Will Humanity Survive?


Hold onto your potatoes, we are going into the Matrix.

There is a war that threatens to destroy humanity, going on in every home, in every street, in every marriage and within our own minds. The war on truth has already been fought. We lost it.

The present war is being waged to ensure that fact is never discovered. It finally ends with a perceptual management microchip installed into every brain. Until Web 3.0, there is a chance to wake up, to know yourself i.e. to become Enlightened. If a sufficient number of people become Enlightened then humanity might be saved from impending slavery and destruction.

Any attempt to wake up will be met by resistance from within and from outside of yourself. The source of the resistance is colloquially known as “The Ego”, a mythical dictator who allegedly exists but very few have ever seen. Everyone who sets out to slay this dragon, comes back an insane, discredited, discombobulated fool warning about implausible paradoxical parallel universes, the coming destruction of mankind and secretly wishing to be on the first chopper out of Samsara.

Remarkably, I survived this Rubik’s Cube of rotating razor sharp conceptual  edges with my balls and brains intact, unlike my unfortunate religious predecessors and peers (one of whom is promoted by Oprah Winfrey).

Looking back at the devastation, the cold and dead battlefield where truth was once fought, and now the inspiration for Disney-style matinée shows, I am shocked to discover that my esteemed former spiritual peers are being fed their own BS, direct from butt to brain. And to think that we once happily sat around family-style Chinese restaurant tables regaling each other with readings from Autobiography of a Yogi. It was an era of illustrious, industrious, illusory BS.

Naturally, the sentinels of the truth-seeking industry, the spiritual marketplace, in which I occupied the lowest rung of ignoble anonymity as a seeker heard about my awakening and immediately offered me a place at the high table, subject to certain terms and conditions which would have basically meant covering up and dumbing down on the inconvenient truth on just about anything. 

The day I got Enlightened, on 19th June 2000, I did not fully understand what had been given to me. I only knew that it was great and powerfully effective. For 18 years, I have been biding my time, virtually in isolation, living in a forest in a country that most people cannot find on a map, sharing my discoveries, the greatest of which is the Enlightenment Transmission, with a small group of committed truth seekers. What we have is potent, powerful and proven. I invite you to experience the Enlightenment Transmission’s demonstrable ability to uncover truths that you did not even know existed.

Jump in. Join the online call ‘Real Truth Seeking, Not the Fake BS Kind’ on Sunday 3rd June or request a streamed replay by email or contact-form