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Dave O.
Mon, 18 Jun 2018

Enlightenment: Raw, Open and Exposed

Enlightenment: Take It All!

A full life, fully lived.

The search for Enlightenment is not an escape from life but full immersion. Life can only be fully felt, if one is raw, open and exposed. If the senses are covered, the mind closed or the emotions blocked then it is not possible to connect to reality. Therefore, the senses have to be unprocessed, the mind open and the emotions vulnerable. In other words, one should be like a lobster without a shell.

The idea that we have to protect ourselves is reasonable. There are, after all, real and present dangers in the natural world and human society. However, the attempt to protect ourselves goes too far when it goes into our inner world where there are no real dangers. Consequently, thoughts and emotions become compartmentalised and blocked. No longer able to think and feel sufficiently, our hearts and minds are unable to perceive accurately. We then lose touch with our  deepest values and sense of self.

Understandably, a person whose senses, sensibilities and sensitivities are abused by aggressive or threatening conditioning (which, unfortunately, applies to everyone) will bury their most precious parts, in order to protect them from destruction and tampering. However, recovering those precious items, after the threat has gone, is difficult because hiding them involves forgetting where they are and that they ever existed.

Enlightenment is the recovery of your precious parts. No longer do you need to hide, block or compartmentalise. Unfortunately, some spiritual seekers, and even some spiritual teachings, are still caught up in the protective phase of hiding, avoiding, denying and escapism. There are some religions that see the human race as a prison population to be escaped at the earliest opportunity. Such an attitude leads to a lack of caring and contributes to the human destruction of the planet.

The truth is we cannot escape the planet, incarnation into a human body or our time here. We cannot avoid one another, for we are forced to feel everything. We experience all human feelings. When one of us does wrong, we feel bad. When one of us does good, we rejoice. We are in this together. We rise or fall together.

The Enlightenment Transmission is the wise and intelligent agency that connects all of us together. When we allow Enlightenment Transmission into our lives, we feel each other more clearly. When we feel each other more clearly, we are on the way to fixing our collective and individual problems. When a person accumulates a certain threshold amount of Enlightenment Transmission, then they awaken to the wider reality of existence, recover the missing parts and know themselves. In other words, they become Enlightened.

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Enlightenment is not far away. Attaining Enlightenment does not require detachment, disassociation, renunciation or escapism. Getting Enlightened simply requires opening up to existence. When you open up to existence, you will feel the full pleasurable flow of Enlightenment Transmission in every cell, vein and artery of your body. All of this is easy, because it is your true nature. It is never far away, and closer than the words on this page.