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Dave O.
Tue, 26 Jun 2018

Inevitable Love and Unity

Love and Unity
Love & Unity are Yours

There is something which every person has to do either in this life or the next. It is inevitable, for it has to be done. There are no exceptions, this rule applies to saints and sinners, kings and paupers, children and grandparents.

Since it will be harder to achieve this in the afterlife, it is best to do this whilst alive on Earth. Since a lifetime is relatively short and of unpredictable duration, it is strongly advised that you start doing this immediately. If you do not realise the relevance and importance of this message today, you will later. Hopefully not so late that your efficiency and abilities have been significantly less.

The message has to do with Love and things unseen. These unseen things are recognised in various cultures, and respected too, but insufficiently in the West. It will take you a moment to readjust your concepts and shift your perception, but you can do it because you have access to realms just outside of your mind’s limited perceptual reality.

The unseen realms exist within you, and also beyond the physical universe. They are bound together by, and recognise, only Love. Love creates Unity. When Love flows Unity exists. Love and Unity should be the state that we are born into. Currently, human society is not exemplary of Love and Unity, but enmity and division. However, despite an inhospitable environment, you must make Love and Unity your priority. Transitioning from the relatively short span of human life in this physical world to the eternity of the afterlife, you will only be able to take Love and Unity which you have achieved on Earth. What you lack, you will have to make up for you get there, but it will be more difficult, time-consuming and arduous. Here and now, really is the best time and place to get this done. Understand this now, lest you be under any illusion and miss the chance to choose your course of action. You can then choose to delay, although I would not recommend doing so.

Love and Unity start with rediscovering and integrating all parts of your self, and everything connected to those parts. In this world, you are connected to the living and those who are in the afterlife. You will know this by feeling. When these connections are full and complete, then Love is able to flow and Unity is a established.

In the afterlife, the nearest and dearest connections are ancestral, together with significant intense relationships (both good and bad) and special spiritual connections. It is wisest to establish a clear and open connection with those alive on Earth and those in the afterlife. This will allow you to make clear, conscious and better preparations for being effective and peaceful in the afterlife.

What is released here on Earth will significantly affect friends and relatives who have been left behind and also future generations of humanity. This is the only work and it is urgent.

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