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Dave O.
Fri, 7 Sep 2018

Warm Waves of Enlightenment Transmission are the Solution

Enlightenment Transmission
Enlightenment Transmission Is Everything

A warm wave of Enlightenment Transmission energy suffused the awakening body in a bath of light, melting fascia tension, promoting unrestricted energy flows, limbs lengthening automatically. Very pleasurable. Is this how a cat feels, waking up in warm sunlight and lazily stretching from tongue to tail?

This is Enlightenment Transmission’s way of greeting me in the morning, letting me know plans are in place. This morning is different. Usually, I awake early with an inspiring message to share, but typically run out of time, completing various administrative tasks that take up the whole day. This morning, I bathe in the light and wonder what this means.

This experience is an answer to a question I have been pondering. Yesterday, I announced that I will give a free presentation of the Enlightenment Transmission in exactly 21 days. I didn’t mention the 9,000 mile (14,500 km) round-trip. I have no idea what awaits, maybe nothing. This long-distance journey trip, chasing the sun around the planet, is an act of faith. One thing will be certain, at the other end awaiting me will be Enlightenment Transmission. This experience is a wake-up call, to get ready.

Part II "Delivery Choices" to follow