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Dave O.
Sun, 9 Sep 2018

Why is Enlightenment Transmission a Secret?

Enlightenment Transmission
Enlightenment Transmission Is Everywhere

Enlightenment Transmission is a supremely wise and intelligent spiritual energy, an unparalleled opportunity for spiritual seekers to receive immediate transformational benefits without effort or technique. And yet, Enlightenment Transmission is so unknown that you might wonder if it is a secret.

Trying to find the Enlightenment Transmission in the spiritual marketplace is like trying to find a spiritual needle in a religious haystack. It simply isn’t there.

After I became Enlightened on 19 June 2000, I shared the good news that Enlightenment is neither far away nor difficult to attain. My only gain would be that others become Enlightened, something which, I heard, several did*. My outreach had been through email lists, local posters, presentations at spiritual exhibitions and international travel. After 2 years, my outreach slowed, as I started to focus on regular local group events (with international participation).

Nowadays, I am mainly involved with a small group who enjoy weekly online meetings and annual real-world retreats. We wish to raise awareness of the Enlightenment Transmission, but our efforts are sporadic and inconsistent. Unsurprisingly, unlike high-profile slickly marketed spiritual groups,  our group is relatively unknown,  too busy enjoying the fruits of Enlightenment Transmission to be involved in promotional activities.


*My general policy is to neither affirm, deny or promote such Enlightenment claims because this would create a religious hierarchy and undermine self-autonomy. When you eventually become Enlightened, you will not need authorisation from anyone, especially not from corrupt spiritual groups, gurus and lamas who will try to consciously or unconsciously seek to subvert or suppress.