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Dave O.
Tue, 11 Sep 2018

Become Enlightenment Transmission Before Human Enlightenment Becomes Impossible

Enlightenment Transmission: True Hope in Truly Hopeless Times
Enlightenment Transmission
True Hope in Truly Hopeless Times

My intuition tells me that Enlightenment Transmission is more important than Enlightenment. Figuring this out intellectually would make for an interesting discussion. We could also throw Enlightened Teacher, Enlightened Being and Enlightenment Teaching into the mix.

Enlightenment Transmission is both the tree and the seed that makes Enlightenment possible. I am just an ephemeral fruit, here for a season before dissolution by wind, worms, mastication or self-autolysis (all digestive processes). Pickling would be a partial solution, but that is reserved for the saints, the veneration of whom will inevitably turn to abuse in the near future.

What was once sacred will be profanity in a Monsanto age, where genetically modified seeds create sterilised Frankenstein-vegetables that cannot produce any offspring, these tainted seeds are virtually worthless unless one is the monopoly that controls them. The same thing has happened to spiritual teachings – they have become depotentized, misleading and even damaging.

The future for human beings does not look rosy. The prevailing meme is that human beings are basically bad and need an upgrade. Plastic surgery, genetic modification, bionic limbs and organs and electronic implants to control bodily functions. Before Robocop there will be Robocriminals. What psychiatric drugs and lobotomies were unable to shut down, will henceforth be controlled by cheap and ubiquitous computer chips. The incentive for “getting chipped” will be convenience and necessity, an additional line of credit, air miles and shorter airport queues.

My star will fade, in a few decades, as will humanity’s chance to wake up and become Enlightened, unless something radical happens now. Become a channel for Enlightenment Transmission and you may save a few souls before humanity is lost.

Dave Oshana, writing on 9/11 in the year 2018.