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Dave O.
Mon, 22 Oct 2018

Healing Humanity with Enlightenment Transmission

The body remembers, even when the mind seeks to prevent uncomfortable sensations from entering everyday consciousness via a process known as “compartmentalisation”. Body memory survives longer than short-term memory and can last a lifetime. People in pain seek to wash their body of discomfort, but often give up because facing painful memories is often more angst-ridden than the memories themselves. Some distressed individuals engage in “cutting” not because they seek self-mutilation but in a futile attempt to literally cut pain out of their body. However, they are generally unsuccessful because they are unable to access the place of pain memory.
These pain memories feed a never-ending cycle of re-triggered traumas which limit an individual’s ability to think, act and feel, and to have a full, healthy and expressive life.

I know of only 2 solutions. Primarily, the Enlightenment Transmission which uses the resonance of another person’s healthy functioning to catalyse a healing response in the pained individual. Secondarily, the Oshana Energy-Work Method which allows an individual to connect, guide and direct the healing energies which exist naturally within them. Both solutions are able to clear out pain without the individual having to revisit the past and thus avoid the problem of re-triggering.

DO Deep Roots, Full Fruit
Deep Roots, Full Fruits

It follows that in the same way that healing can be transferred from one individual to another, but so can its opposite. Indeed we witness trauma and suffering being transferred between individuals and groups almost all of the time. Restricting traumatic transfer to safe, therapeutic environments is necessary for the sanity and survival of humanity.

Healing humanity requires locating and repairing damage done to humanity’s body, of which we are all a part. You can become part of that healing process or be part of the trauma. The healing work will make you very conscious of the spaces where damage has been done which exist within the body, outside in places with no physical address.

Empty your mind of all previous concepts. Relax your body. Allow your consciousness to drift into places that are on the edge of your everyday awareness. Join me for this real-time experience as we travel in timelines and dimensions that you never knew existed: ‘Healing the Past, Repairing the Future’.