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Dave O.
Mon, 29 Oct 2018

Feedback ‘Sudden Silent Enlightenment Transmission’ (27th October)


The free silent Enlightenment Transmission online event ‘Sudden Silent Enlightenment Transmission’ on 27th October was surprisingly well-attended given that there was only 24 hours to sign up.

Extraordinary experiences included profound states of natural meditative  absorption, bliss, heightened perception, visual phenomena and non-physical connections.


“Deep No Mind Empty Space for the whole hour.”

“Peered into Infinity.”

“Love in a harmonious state of bliss.”

"Layers of inner being opened.”

“A torch was being shone in my face, my 8th chakra lit up, then a white light/moon descended into the crown.”

“Face-shifting and then a vision…”

“I felt divine peace, very much embodied and still, like never before.  This hour in the transmission energy field was just heaven, the only thing I want, being in the pure presence of the God/Self.”

“A sensation of warmth that seemed subtler than ordinary physical sensation - a comforting presence.”

“Ghostly figures preceding along the rooftop and into the air, with an unmistakable semblance of sentience.”

“Colors brighter, sounds clearer, smells and sensations more acute. Quickly into very deep and rejuvenating states of relaxation!”

“A growing awareness of love in relation to the departed, connecting to passed souls through love and hence to my own soul.”

“A very strong, warm, harmonious feeling of pureness and belonging. Strong energy waves through my body from time to time.”

“When interaction is not dressed in words, you can only give your being. I felt naked, you dared to show your nakedness.”

“The light that surrounds you is very beautiful. The frequency in my head goes so high that it could make fire.”

“After I felt very “clean inside” and had a high energy level... I felt like going running.”

“Surprised how fast it went.”

“A change in the energy of the house, softer.”

The next silent Enlightenment Transmission online event is ‘Strong Sudden Silent Enlightenment Transmission’ on 10th November. Apply early as spaces are limited.