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Dave O.
Tue, 6 Nov 2018

Spiritual Truth So Real, You Can Touch It

So Real, You Can Touch It
So Real, You Can Touch It

Seekers tell me that they want to get Enlightened and to know their Real Self, but I find that they are impossibly distracted whenever there is an actual opportunity to get closer to their Real Self. Noticing and correcting habitual unconscious distraction is essential. I will explain how I do that, so that you improve your relationships and get closer to your Real Self.

People are fed up with being lied to, but that’s what people do, lie. Lied to at birth and then expected to be complicit in a web of lies. Small wonder that corporate and political structures are corrupt, the problem starts at home and, conversely, families are pressured into becoming dishonest by social manipulation. Desperate to go beyond deception, seekers are taken in by people claiming to have the “Truth” (with a capital “T”). Yet, even if someone had the “Truth”, how could they convey it? Language is loaded for both the speaker and the listener. “Truth” cannot be captured in language. Can it be found anywhere? Yes, in a sense, It can, and we will explore this

More accessible than some abstract concept of “Truth” is reality. But given that the mind is constantly labelling, projecting and confabulated, what chance is there to correctly apprehend reality? What’s kind of reality would deeply satisfy them? People are not content with dysfunctional society. Is there a reality, or a Reality, that has been missed but which if found would cause profound contentment?

Naturally, I will be answering these questions. But the point of this exercise is not to end up with “head knowledge” but to liberate you from limiting concepts which confine your full potential and abilities. There is a reality beyond conceptual imagination which I seek to put you in touch with. If you are a newcomer, you may be surprised at how easy and simple that is. There is something magnificent which can be transferred between human beings, I term it “Enlightenment Transmission” but those words are not the essential part of this, the actual, experiential results are. These results can be experienced, in contrast to merely speculated, I term them ‘The Body of Truth, Reality and Distraction’ because they are solid and substantial.

Spiritual seekers can have actual, unambiguous landmarks instead of faith, belief and trust in promises that are never delivered.

Come and explore, experience and discover by joining the live online Enlightenment Transmission video event ‘The Body of Truth, Reality and Distraction’ on 11th November 2018 or set up a video replay by email or contact-form.