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Dave O.
Wed, 14 Nov 2018

Restoring Consciousness, Removing False Identity, Preserving Ego

So Real, You Can Touch It
Restoring Consciousness

Many people feel like they’re not living their life, that it is trapped somewhere inside them and doesn’t get expressed. We typically explore the many unconscious reasons and the causes for these during Enlightenment Transmission meetings.

One popular notion is that the Ego prevents a person’s Soul from expressing itself. However, this formulation is typically too abstract to be useful, since the Ego and Soul are intangibles about which there is very little social agreement. Furthermore, the “Ego” is a potentially troublesome word because it gets confused with the “ego”, a psychosocial construct, which if destroyed could have catastrophic social consequences. Nonetheless, over the past few decades there have been spiritual and human potential groups which have actively declared war upon the “ego”, creating violent outcomes, dysfunctional lifestyles and ruined relationships.

Instead of using the term “Ego”, I preferred to use the term “False Identity” which refers to a process of identifying with a fictitious language-based social entity which is retained in the memory and is typically prefixed with the pronoun “I” or suffixed with “me”. The False Identity is a symbolic sensory substitution and correlate for these self-referencing linguistic pronouns. Thus, when we say “this happened to me” an actual sensory experience is generated that is detached from what is happening to our body in the real world. We also even have these “detached from reality” sensory experiences when we are not using these self-referencing linguistic pronouns because the False Identity has a life of its own which competes with our real sense of what is happening to us in the real world. Thus, the False Identity has encroached upon our sensory mechanisms which perceive reality.

It follows, that to regain our connection with reality, the False Identity has to be moved out of the way, but please note, without destroying the functional ego. To do this the location and presence of the False Identity has to be perceived, otherwise no real action can be taken. To move the False Identity, awareness has to be heightened, the False Identity has to be identified and a movement has to happen. These skills are naturally developed in the Oshana Energy-Work Method even without references to concepts and potential uses.

Since the False Identity is mimicking and substituting for real consciousness, then only when real consciousness is seen can the False Identity be recognised as an impostor. For consciousness to be perceived, it has to enter into localised awareness. Localised awareness is connected to the body. It follows that if consciousness is moved into the body then it will be perceived by localised awareness. Whilst this process can be done stationary (although the body is never really static), movements, even small ones, can facilitate the process.

In the live online video meeting ‘Consciousness In, False Identity Out’ , I will reveal ways to move the False Identity by restoring consciousness to the body and the benefits of shifting stuck thoughts, emotions and psychosomatic tensions that may result.