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Dave O.
Mon, 26 Nov 2018

Where is Enlightenment?

perspective - shift
never far away...

There are any ways of thinking about Enlightenment. Unfortunately, like bad transport maps and poor sex manuals, they make it impossible to reach the destination and get off.

Ironically, Enlightenment is never far away, instead it is nearer to you than anything, because Enlightenment is you.

The first and major part of my work is to get you to put away childish ideas about Enlightenment. After that, nature will generally take care reuniting you with your real self, which will leave your false self to fall away.

The real and the false self are not "things". They are constantly changing. When we think of things, we think of things that cannot change, otherwise they cannot stay "things". The self is not a thing. If you think it is then you can relate and dance with it. Instead you will continue to seek and not find, and yet be controlled by the false self.

I hope this raises some questions in your mind, better yet some doubt about the concepts that you have about yourself and reality, because the truth is far more alive and exciting.

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