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Dave O.
Mon, 3 Dec 2018

A Necessary Theory of Love and Integration

I try and I try...
"I try and I try..."

A Discovery: The Mechanism

In recent years, I have shared a fascinating observation, a familiar pattern, seemingly the root problem of human relationships between yourself and others and within your own self, a mechanism that you cannot control, but which controls you.

Refusing Love

The mechanism is a contradiction, an impossible situation. It plays out in a variety of forms, differing per person, but essentially the same, namely: a deep, powerful yearning for love and a correspondingly, equally refusal to receive love, even pushing it away. That’s deeply messed up. It turns a person against their own self.

Healthy Life

Thus far, I have been observing the patterns and only pointing out the relevant specifics to the individuals who are burdened by the mechanism. Of course, the mechanism fits into a larger picture, which implies a view of a healthy condition for human life. By gaining and exploring this view, perhaps we can solve and heal a number of core human problems on a personal and even global level.

Fixing Broken

If we look, at the human condition, both within and between persons, we observe fragmentation, competition, conflict and contradiction. It all looks broken. Perhaps, we can start with our own self, and the many parts of that self, especially our experience of existing in the present moment, and bring them all together.

Deepest Healing

Who knows perhaps, there can be deep healing, the deepest possible healing. It has to be in there somewhere. This would be worth it for personal development alone, but if it could be shared and transferred then perhaps we can have the happy, healthy, peaceful world that we desire but have never been able imagine or to bring in.

Join Us

We will explore and develop these themes and be encouraged to find our own inner separation, fragmentation and contradictions, especially around love, and bring them into a natural state of loving interconnection in ‘Love, Empathy and the Integration of Consciousness’ which you can attend live or request a replay by email or contact-form.