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Dave O.
Wed, 2 Jan 2019

The Real “Yes, We Can”

Preparing for the New Year
Preparing for the New Year

Over the Christmas-New Year break, I was very tempted to break my ‘no-teaching fast’ to conduct a survey in the form of an online video meeting to rediscover and update myself about the personal wishes of each individual participant within the Enlightenment Transmission Community. Fortunately, perhaps, that did not happen, otherwise I might not have gone as deeply into my own personal research as I have.

Whilst American Republicans are claiming to be “draining the swamps”, my approach is to “dredge” them (this is not to be confused with the cooking technique of dredging an item, to be fried, in flour). The “swamp” is our collective unconscious. Somewhere in that rich, dark and active mulch is the light, the key that we have been looking for. So, we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. In fact, we want to retain the bathwater, to forensically investigate it. Sometimes we bury secrets because they are painful, and sometimes, in an attempt to make secrets unrecoverable, we bury secrets under mountains of pain. No matter what the cause of distress, a lobotomy is not an elegant solution. We want to solve the problem, not blitz them into oblivion and thereby declare them null and void.

A mental problem is not caused because of one single dodgy neuron. In fact, neurons themselves tend not to be the cause of our biggest existential problems, the problem instead is determined by how those individual neurons relate to each other. Furthermore, we tend to find that many problems, at all levels of existence, tend to be relationship problems. In other words, either things work together or they conflict. Imagine a piece of machinery, such as a watch mechanism, it can either work quietly, smoothly, efficiently and keep time accurately, or it can fight and wear itself out, create heat, lose energy and fail in its primary purpose to keep time.

For some time now I have been interested in the “space between”. My focus has not been on individuals per se, but everything around them, and also around their problems. This principle can be applied in many ways, not only to human beings. It can also apply to pains within the body, ancestral relationships, our connection to nature and “thinking outside of the box”. It may be hard to take your attention off of a pain in your body, but you may experience pain relief if you do. Trauma is sometimes hard to release because of a contraction, around the moment of shock, that will not let go. In such cases we can go into the pain but we can also go around it and beyond. Indeed, we can do all three things to maintain full awareness.

When it comes to the individual and their problems, the factoring of other players into the diagnosis and proposed solution is problematic because free agents (allegedly) have free will. Thus, therapy tends to focus only on what an individual can change about their perceptions, even when the genesis of the problems is external. I call this (The Problem of Other People). Whilst many of my spiritual peers are seeking for a state of isolated, individualised bliss (which exists and is possible), our fullest peace and enjoyment comes from mutually assured harmony. Thus TPOOP can become TOOOP (The Opportunity of Other People), not in the exploitive way currently destroying the human race, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but where everyone rises together.

Indeed, there is a wonderful symmetry at work, wherein we receive what we put in, more of it. Thus we have at our disposal the mechanism which can either multiply goodness or its opposite, which we can call “badness”. In the “space between”, between you and another, there will either flow goodness or badness. In 2019, this can be the focus of our efforts and our understanding. We can either have a truly good year or a true annus horribilis (which is Latin, and has nothing to do with an unfortunate posterior).

In the first live online video meeting of the year, I will aim to dredge your subconscious to bring out your innate goodness and multiply it through communicable interaction. If that sounds like ‘community building’ then that’s because it is something like it, but not as we know it. This is something new, and all new things will take a moment of your time to focus and readjust your sights on a much better way, trajectory and future vision.

As one American Democrat said “Yes, we can” without clearly delineating what he was referring to or how to get there, but instead left it to the imagination of the audience. We, however, will see where we are going because only then, when things make sense, will we feel emboldened, empowered and motivated enough to go there.

Are you coming? Grab your coat and hat, register for Sunday’s live event ‘Practical Way to Overcome the Frustrating Loneliness of Ineffectiveness and Achieve Mutually Assured Bliss and Existence’ and meet us all at the rendezvous point to a New-New New Year.