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Dave O.
Tue, 8 Jan 2019

Love in Deep Inner Spaces

Preparing for Love
Preparing for Love

A few days before I became Enlightened, I had been exploring my energy field, especially the rhythmical waves within my body and what happens when I interact with another person – to them and to me. Perhaps, for the first time since I was a baby, I started to come home to me. Previously, I had lived partly outside of myself, vicariously in the lives of others and the many concepts that they produced. But, what was my bedrock, the ground of my being? Who was I in the pickle of life?

Sometimes, when we eat pickles, we react only to the sourness and not the actual vegetable that has been pickled – for it has changed. During my long spiritual search, I was never sure that I could ever unpickle myself – which is why my own Enlightenment, finding myself, came as a very great and happy surprise.

Video: Good Contact Enlightenment (video)

Good Contact (video)

Of course, somewhere in the sourness of life’s pickle, there has to be the original vegetable, the substance/object for the liquid, while which has irrevocably changed, does contain some of its essence – in a translated form. Even though an apple may fall far from the tree, become scuffed and bruised, even start to ferment into cider – the lineage, pedigree and spectrum are decidedly apple-ish. The apple nonetheless lives on and is known by those who are touched by its myriad forms.

It’s like that with the Enlightenment Transmission. Whatever the occasion, no matter how you feel or where you are – the Enlightenment Transmission gets through. I am constantly chuffed (English for “pleasantly amazed”) by the pervasiveness and persistent nature of the Enlightenment Transmission, which is able to act even when I am fatigued, tired or asleep. Given that we do some things better during sleep, this is no doubt a valuable quality.

What has this got to do with Love? Not necessarily anything because Love exists, or so we think, independent of the space in which Love happens. However, without trying to resolve a centuries-old philosophical conundrum in this present moment, we can nonetheless focus on getting and having Love in the space between two people, which I have to say is very delicious, and, unlike most dishes, requires no preparation. Added bonus: we can also pack Love into all kinds of other spaces, thereby maximising our love quotient.

Join me on this epic journey to find the spaces in which we can pack Love into. Love, as always, comes free of charge. The journey begins with ‘Cramming Love into Every Nook and Cranny’ which you can attend live on Sunday 13th January (or book the replay afterwards).