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Dave O.
Tue, 22 Jan 2019

Awakening: The Concept-Free Space of Awareness

Inner space awakening
Inner space awakening

Part of you is awake and part of you is not. The part of you that is not awake is not focused on the awake part of you, but it could be. When the unawakened part of you focuses on the awakened part of you then full awakening happens. When you meet with me, I communicate with the unawakened part of you and direct it towards the awakened part of you. This communication cannot be noticed by your conscious mind, only the resultant effects will be perceived. My communications are multilayered, there is plenty to explore, notice and enjoy. However, the essential part of what I do is not one of those communication layers, and therefore cannot be conceptualised, because it happens in a concept-free space: the space of awareness. All attempts to talk about this space are futile, and all descriptions like lifeless rubber dolls.

Fish live and swim in the sea without our language and concepts. Are these fish any less aware than we humans because of that, or are they in fact more aware of the sea without such language and concepts? Would we be aiding the fish if we told them our language and concepts or would they be losing something?

Fortunately for you, a human being can keep their language and concepts and still awaken. However, the gap between the two inner realms, the world of language and concepts and the space of awareness, has to be bridged. It happened for me, and so I know it can happen for you. Indeed, it has observably, from the results, already been happening. My participants have never been able to explain this phenomenon, and yet they are some of the most intelligent, educated, sensitive and perceptive (and most importantly, friendly) individuals that you are ever likely to meet. Instead, they can only invite you to experience this for yourself. This is your journey, a journey that no one but yourself will be able to notice.

If this interests you then contact me. Better yet, meet me. I am available online and off-line for private and group meetings. This Sunday a friendly group of inner space explorers will be departing from the place of the known to each journey into the fullest depths of being. You are welcome to join ‘Awakening in the Concept-Free Space of Awareness’ (or perhaps you might be able to book a replay of the event – use the contact form or send an email for details).